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  • Andrea
    For six months before I hurt my back in the gym, so the doctors prescribed treatment and bed rest. And so after lying in bed for four months, I gained a whopping 9 lbs that I was bored. Not to me a few months may not be on diets to sit I was afraid to make problems with the stomach. So the only option and hope was eco slim. Not to say that it magically quickly removed all my excess weight, but however, even with the delay, but helped me to lose weight.
  • Andrea
    I have always been average build, but recently started to rapidly gain weight due to stress at work that I actively "eating". Of course this began to have problems with the relationship, stopped Dating, because I do not want myself in the mirror, so I decided to try Eco Slim and in a short time was able to regain more or less normal form, of course it is not perfect, but I think I'm on the right track.
  • Sandra
    Tried eco slimmy result in 5 weeks minus 18.5 kg!!! I would not have believed it if it hadn't happened to me. It really is amazing! Thanks to everyone who helps to bring the information about this drug and people. Because for many it is very relevant! Now also ordered packing)
  • Sara
    I ordered three tools Eco Slimthank you to all the girls who wrote comments on eco slimConvinced! As promised I write about my results! The method is excellent, just a month and a half I managed to lose almost 13 kg. This is my personal victory! I'm proud of myself!
  • Laura
    I've tried a variety of diets, however, due to the change of diet was beginning to feel very weak and tired all the time. Find advertising on the Internet, are examined and decided that the worse purchase no. The effect really impressed – not only will you start to drop the weight, but get rid of the feeling of "lethargy". Girls, I am delighted, for the third week FLY, IT REALLY WORKS!
Comments Eco Slim