Diet for weight loss belly and sides menu for a week

Diet for weight loss belly and sides is an effective way for the correction and to reduce the waist size for women. Through the use of a low-calorie diet of healthy foods and proper diet can get rid of 3-5 pounds of excess weight per week.

Diet rules

diet for weight loss

Diet result is achieved by the maintenance of optimal daily caloric intake of 1,400 kcal. For the calculation of the energy value of dishes from the daily menu, you need to use a table of caloric content of products.

For the proper formation of diet, you need to use the following guidelines:

  • stick to your daily calorie intake;
  • eat 4 times a day, but not later than 3 hours before bedtime;
  • between meals allowed to drink tea and coffee without sugar;
  • daily intake of water should be 1.5-2 liters;
  • eat protein food in every meal;
  • to adjust the amount of slow carbs and consume no more than 300 grams of carbohydrate, per day;
  • daily amount of dietary fat should not exceed 30 grams;
  • avoid eating too much sweet fruit;
  • to use not more than 100 g of fruit a day (in the morning).

The maximum time for which it is recommended to stick to a diet is one month.

What you can eat, and what is not (table)

Products that are allowed to eat on a diet for weight reduction stomach and sides, and provide the body with the necessary proteins and healthy (slow) carbohydrates do not cause fat deposits and speeding up metabolism.

During weight loss it is forbidden to drink fast carbohydrates (sugars, products made with white flour) and fats, TRANS fats, fast food, sugar, substitute, that cause the appearance of excess weight due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and slow the metabolism.

Products What What not
Cakes Whole wheat bread made from rye or wheat flour and bread made from bran Bread and pasta from wheat flour, sweet cakes with sugar
Meat, poultry Low-fat varieties: veal, beef, rabbit, Turkey, chicken. Offal: liver, heart, kidney, chicken gizzards Grilled meat, sausages, semi-finished products
Fish and seafood All variants Semi-finished products, smoked, salted fish, crab sticks
Eggs Eggs in any form
Dairy products Cheese, sour cream average fat, yogurt, kefir. Low-fat and unsalted cheese Fat cheese, cream, yogurt with sugar and additives, cheese stuffed
Cereals Buckwheat, brown rice, barley, quinoa, bulgur, oatmeal. Legumes: beans, mung beans, chickpeas, lentils Oat flakes, semolina, white rice
Pasta Rice noodles, pasta from durum wheat Wheat products soft wheat
Sauces and condiments The sauces are homemade. A moderate amount of spice Store-bought sauces, mayonnaise
Fat Olive, sunflower, butter, ghee Margarine
Vegetables All kinds of cabbage, onions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant. Vegetables: lettuce, parsley, Basil, spinach, sorrel, dill Potatoes, beets, and in a limited number
Fruit Apples, pears, kiwi, oranges, tangerines, lemon, grapefruit, pomegranate. Raspberry, currant, cherry, strawberry Dried fruits, grapes, watermelon. Bananas (2 times a week)
Drinks Tea, coffee without sugar Fizzy drinks, alcohol and packaged juices

To make your diet more effective, it is recommended to limit the intake of salt, which promotes water retention in the body and the appearance of edema. Reduction of salt intake to 4 grams a day may be an effective way to reduce weight in respect of the plateau.

Diet menu for weight loss belly and sides for a week

useful products

An important condition for the successful weight loss is the use of the menu based on dishes prepared with allowed foods. A proper diet will allow you not only to quickly burn fat, but also to provide the body with the necessary energy throughout the day.


  • Breakfast: omelet with vegetables and cheese, tea;
  • Lunch: vegetable stew with meat, grapefruit, cocoa;
  • Snack: buckwheat with ham, fresh salad of cucumber and tomatoes;
  • Dinner: cheese with fruit and yogurt.


  • Breakfast: toast made from rye flour, half an avocado, coffee with milk without sugar;
  • Lunch: beet soup with meat (no potatoes), one bread, orange;
  • Afternoon snack: cheese, pita with fruit, cocoa;
  • Dinner: fish cakes with steamed salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.


  • Breakfast: omelette with cheese, tea;
  • For lunch: brown rice, boiled meat, salad of Chinese cabbage, dressed with sour cream;
  • Snack: Greek yogurt, Apples;
  • Dinner: fish soup, whole wheat bread.


  • Breakfast: pancakes with rice, flour, berries (50 grams);
  • Lunch: soup with meatballs, cocoa;
  • Afternoon snack: a sandwich of rye bread and boiled meat;
  • Dinner: chicken breast baked with cabbage.


  • Breakfast: eggs of 2 eggs, 20 grams of cheese, half a toast, and coffee;
  • Lunch: vegetable soup with Turkey, herbal tea;
  • Afternoon snack: baked apples, cocoa;
  • Dinner: salad from fresh vegetables with the eggs.


  • Breakfast: cheese, pita with fruit, cocoa;
  • Lunch: soup, salad of lettuce with eggs;
  • Snack: dumplings made from rye flour and pork meat (5-6 slices);
  • Dinner: fish fillet, cooked yogurt.


  • Breakfast: pancakes made with almond flour, berries loss without sugar;
  • Lunch: vegetable casserole with meat, 1 toast, tea
  • Afternoon snack: cottage cheese with berries;
  • Dinner: omelet, cucumber.

Delicious recipes

Recipes that are recommended in diet for weight loss belly and sides, meat, fish, cheese, eggs and many vegetables to provide the body with amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.

Stuffed with

I don't want

Ingredients: 4 eggplant, brown rice (100 g), garlic (4 cloves), bell pepper (2 large), carrot, Apple, spices (Basil, coriander, ginger, cinnamon), olive oil.

Eggplant wash and cut them in half. Halves sprinkled with vegetable oil and bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. At this time, the crushed garlic, pepper, carrot and Apple, then fry for 5-7 minutes. Then in the pan add the washed rice, spices and add water slightly above the rice.

After the eggplants ready, the vegetables cool and cut the pulp and then finely chop and mix with the finished rice. Put the stuffing in the eggplants and bake in the oven another 15 minutes.

Baked chicken with cabbage

You will need half of a cabbage, chicken breast, onions, carrots, 2 cloves of garlic.

Cabbage chopped and blanched along with the grated carrot in boiling salted water until tender. After you throw the vegetables in a colander and leave to drain.

Chicken meat cut into pieces, salted, rubbed with spices and garlic, conceded under pressure. In baking dish put the chicken, then chopped onions, and the top of the ball takes the cabbage and carrot. United states sprinkle with spices, cover with foil and place in oven about 30 minutes. You should then remove the foil and bake another 15 minutes so that the cabbage was fried.

Grill mushrooms

For the recipe take a pound of mushrooms, 100 ml of olive oil, a small head of garlic (5-6 cloves), parsley, pepper, rosemary.

First prepare the marinade: you need to finely chop the parsley, chop the garlic and mix with butter, add salt and spices. The mixture is ground in a blender until smooth.

Mushrooms are washed and dried with a paper towel (large cut in half), then pour the marinade and leave to infuse for 1-1. 5 hours. Then the mushrooms cook on the grill for 10-15 minutes.

Fish pie

For paste uses the following products: 500 g hake, 50 g of cod liver, two eggs, sour cream (1 tablespoon), olive and vegetable oil.

Clean the fish and separate the fillets from the bones, and then cut into small pieces for further grinding in a blender. In the bowl of a blender add 2 egg yolks, two spoons, a tablespoon of sour cream and sliced, salt and spices. After grinding the mixture was placed in a form and baked in the oven for 15 minutes.

How to speed up weight loss

At the same time diet for weight loss you can use treatments to reduce the abdomen and back, which improve the metabolism of fats, which contribute to the destruction of fat cells and improve blood circulation in the waist and tightening of the skin:

  • Massage. There are several ways of massage for the reduction of the volume of the sides and abdomen, namely, vacuum cans, brushes with natural hair and wooden massagers. Regular massage for 10-15 minutes daily improves the circulation of the blood, it causes the breakdown of fat and soothing influence on the skin.
  • Covering the abdomen and sides are held with special creams. You can also use clay, mustard, honey, and other types of assets.
  • Contrast showers – alternating hot and cold water for 5 minutes, also improves circulation, skin tone and reduces the volume of problem areas.
  • Baths for weight loss remove toxins and excess water from the body, which helps 0.5-1 kg per session, and can be made with sea salt, with baking soda and essential oils.

Also, in addition to diet and massage, treatments it is important to follow the proper posture as well as slouching and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to poor circulation and fat accumulation.

proper diet

Diet for weight loss belly and sides can be combined with the daily consumption of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 which help to reduce fatty deposits in waist area (alpha-linoleic acid captures the fatty acids from the adipose tissue cells, oxidizes and activates the elimination of fats from the body).