Fitness menu: nutrition for women and girls for weight loss

Fitness, diet is a special feed system which will be useful for all who are involved in sports. Menu fitness, diet consists mainly of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates: fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, etc. Eat such products is not only useful, but also delicious. Fitness, diet for weight loss allows the body to recover after a workout, but at the same time to keep your figure slim. I have prepared for you from the most interesting fitness, recipes for weight loss. Read the following article.

fitness menu for weight loss

Why fitness, diet is similar to diet

The word "ability" are included in the active vocabulary of the modern Russian language not so long ago, which means the whole universe of types of activities, from pedaling a stationary bike to power lifting. Generalizes their one starting point: fitness is called ordered sports complex in the direction of improve the shape and General health. Most often, the fitness group cardio exercises or training in the gym again when you need to lose weight.

It is a popular sport, which has its own professionals, but the bulk of the "population" gyms are students or working people lead a normal life. For the most organized of them training in its consistency becomes something hygienic procedures; some for a short time to survive a few "novels" and "divorce" from the gym.

In most cases, one of the main reasons for the "breakup" with improper training becomes fitness, diet, do not give energy for training, and the means for recovery. For the old-timers sports centres in question fitness diet there are dark places: they have learned to understand my body and to focus, "fuel" and why you want it to work.

However, if the need for fitness for weight loss need to become clear in connection with excess weight or need to change the proportion of the view by training the issue of proper nutrition comes to the fore. And there are many people who lose weight make the mistake of annoying in its constancy: as a fitness, diet, select a diet plan focused on rapid weight loss.

Find one of such diets today is not difficult: Express diet, fad-diets, all kinds of diets with the prefix "not". Such ways of weight loss are often justified to quickly freshen up or change of eating habits, for example, to get rid of cravings for sweets, but in the case of fitness are rare, apparently devoid of one (or more!) essential nutrients for diet is dangerous.

How to choose the diet

Fitness, diet and for men and for women varies. Girls who typically do mainly cardio exercises and exercises for the "pull" figures, sports nutritionists recommend eating more carbohydrate with a low glycemic index (around 50% of the total ration), and, also, not to forget that fat, especially omega-3 fatty acids, useful for the organism. The average daily intake of fat should not be lower than 20%, the remaining 30% are proteins.

Men who want to get relief of the muscles and strength of muscles, you should pay more attention to protein (up to 40% of the total daily intake) and carbohydrates for weight loss should reduce the intake to 35-40%, for mass, to increase to 55%. Of the fat during the "dry" limit of 20%, and for the time of active muscle building rate is 25%.

Rules fitness, diet for weight loss

This diet is every day becoming more popular, an increasing number of girls and women who are satisfied and ready to walk this path of transformation from beginning to end. A man with a nice body, strong inside, it has its own unique tone, which will help you to overcome the difficult trails.

Call hungry gym diet for fat loss is impossible, it is quite different, the average caloric intake is about 1800 Kcal per day. On this diet you do not need to give up complex carbohydrates, vegetables, salads, seafood, fish, meat, fruit. Fitness, diet for weight loss for women is a real godsend, the main rule of the food you have to give up relaxing on the sofa after a meal, replace that practice time with little physical effort.

Specifics of diet for fitness

Methods of treatment of the body suitable for men and women, people who regularly attend training must be included in the diet proteins that will contribute to the improvement of the muscles, carbohydrates – fuel for fitness exercises, and of fat are minimize from the diet, because they slow down the metabolic processes.


Because this is a protein structure has the form of long chains greatly affects the process of metabolism. During the digestion of food, this chain is divided into separate amino acids, which are widely used by the blood.

The basic rules fitness diet:

  1. Two hours before the workout you need to eat well, suitable for dishes such as fish with baked vegetables, salad, chicken pieces, whole grain bread, portion of rice, curd, Apple, small portion of oatmeal.
  2. A half hour before the workout to drink unsweetened green tea. Water to drink every 20 minutes during class.
  3. Food after workout you can eat 20 minutes later. Ideal for the juice of grapes, vegetables, fruit, rice, chicken, egg whites, cheese and yellow cheese.
  4. The volume of the sound must fit the palm of your hand, overeating is not.
  5. Coffee and chocolate are contraindicated, and to satisfy your fitness diet.

The digestive process

The digestive process is lengthy and time-consuming, during which the protein promotes the protection of hunger and strengthens the muscles, ensuring the metabolic processes. In this regard, protein fitness, nutrition a powerful tool for burning fat in the body.

Which will be of benefit of this practice for weight loss

Fitness, nutrition is ideal for people, whose way of life is saturated with and active throughout the day, those who loves meat, but not fried, and steamed, or simply cooked in water. For athletes, this is a real find, and all thanks to the fact that the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the body and high content of protein has a positive effect on muscle mass. The same diet is good for pregnant women or women who want to get back in shape, without harm to the body.

Contraindications – who should not be allowed to follow this diet

Sweets lovers will need to avoid this diet, as it gives the opposite effect. The elderly and those who are for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular bacterial overgrowth, chronic pancreatitis, disorders in the renal system.

Hypertension, due to an increase in blood vessels, such as amines of the meat they strengthen and cause harm to the body.

Fitness diet: what to eat

Fitness diet the two main characters — the carbohydrates (Carbo) and proteins. Carbohydrates provide energy to the body and food for the brain and nerves. In the body of Carbo reserves are stored as glycogen (animal starch) in the muscles and liver, and is actively used during exercise. So the lack of carbohydrate food fitness, diet will do it, impossible is, in fact, fitness is difficult to perform the moves down when the body requires to lie down.

The most comprehensive sources of Carbo for fitness-diets — carbohydrates are long chain absorption. It is a whole grain and products thereof, fruits and vegetables with low glycemic index — in short, everything that is processed slowly, providing a single flow of energy. Protein in the fitness diet to play the role of a "brick" of the muscles: warm up, work and "spent", the muscles require a part of the amino acids for protein synthesis.

Depending on the bioavailability and amounts of proteins with the input of the "building material" in the course of the muscle synthesis will be used for the recovery or growth of the tissues. How can you tell if food for fitness-protein diet is not enough, the muscles that should be getting stronger and stronger, begin to suffer from malnutrition, literally "eat" themselves. The fat in fitness diet is a matter requiring attention and control.

drinking water

Definitely a meal that contains fat should be avoided directly before exercise — a clean energy fats is not given, glycogen storage reserves do not form, and the process of digestion, and with it, respectively, and metabolism is seriously slow. But do not rush to refuse: there are healthy fats that can help in weight loss! Fatty acids (especially unsaturated), the fitness menu is irreplaceable — they are vital for cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems, the maintenance of the elasticity of the tissues that are involved in mitosis (cell division), preserving and transporting environment for the liposoluble vitamins.

And, of course, do not forget about the water. Fitness diet under active diet it need the air — water shows the cleavage products of proteins and fats, toxins, this updated of the tissue fluid. But in that joyous time when excess weight losers, and we can only achieve the beautiful muscles and the form of the help for training, the water does not lose its value: without sufficient income, the impossible formation of the healthy proteins cells.

Water helps supply muscles with oxygen, and enough of her coming not only makes it easier to carry gravity loads, but also relieves muscular pain. Attention, it is important to not confuse the pure water and the liquids, for use of which equate to a meal of carrots, a thick fermented dairy products, protein shakes.

They (as well as tea and coffee) are not included in the rate of fluid that is in an active fitness for women, a weight of 70 kg is about 2 liters (to adapt to the image under its weight, add or subtract 250 ml of water for every 10 kg of weight).

Lethargy, dry mouth, a sharp deterioration in mood, and even the lack of tangible results on the background of regular exercise and smart fitness, diet may be a sign of a lack of water!

Specialists in sports nutrition recommend that you keep the moisture balance small but regular SIPS during intense exercise lasting up to 50 minutes, and substitute the plain water for a sports drink if exercise continues longer. The carbohydrates within a sports beverage will provide additional energy and electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Menu fitness diet to burn fat

Start from the first day you need a large amount of cooked chicken meat, the feeling of hunger drew Your attention to the sharp change of diet. And on the second day you can already plan the following diet:

Morning: Two hard-boiled eggs, without the yolk, 200 g skimmed (no more than 5%) cheese.

Lunch: 250g fish for a few without salt. One cup of kefir with a low percentage.

Snack: 250g vegetable salad. 50g of low fat cheese.

Dinner: One Cup of yogurt. 200g cheese.

The following days you can eat cereals porridge with dried fruit, steam omelettes, boiled rice, bananas, baked potato, salad with shrimp, green apples, juice, yogurt, green tea.

Fitness diet. Menu of the day

Breakfast: slice of bread (30 g) whole 1 boiled egg and 1 egg white, tea without sugar with lemon. Snack: an Apple or pear and 30g of low fat cheese.

Lunch: meat or chicken (about 150 grams), vegetable salad, buckwheat or rice on the side.

Pre-workout: 1 banana, half a Cup of yogurt.

After workout: glass of nonfat yogurt and 1 tsp honey.

Dinner: steam fish and cooked vegetables.

Before bedtime: a glass of kefir.

If you do not have enough energy, a little to increase the amount of complex carbohydrates and proteins, for example, to add another 100 g of cheese, a couple of tablespoons cereals and fruit.

Following this way of eating and regularly working out, you will lose weight about 500 g per week with the reduction of fat.

Menu fitness diet

The main rule of fitness weight loss diet is a smaller meals: 4-5 times a day, as well as compliance with the balance of the water. Consumption of sufficient quantities of water directly affects athletic performance and health.

For reference The calculation of the norms for the consumption of water is produced individually on a special formula. Drinking water also follows a certain system in order to prevent dehydration or excessive hydration.

A sample menu of the food for training days

menu of the day

Breakfast: after 15 minutes after waking up drink a glass of warm water, mixed with half a tablespoon of honey. After about half an hour – protein meal (scrambled eggs, no butter, fried eggs with tomatoes).

Second Breakfast: whole grain toast with low-fat cheese, or a small serving of oatmeal.

Lunch: macaroni from wheat flour or buckwheat for a few (40-50 grams dry), chicken breast or red fish (100-150 grams), vegetable salad. Snack before training: 100 ml low-fat natural yogurt or cottage cheese by adding fresh fruit\fruit unsweetened.

Snack after workout: Apple\orange\half of the grapefruit. Dinner: small chicken cutlet for a few or a piece of lean white fish with salad and vegetables. For 1.5-2 hours before bedtime you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt with fiber.

It is important to remember that if the training is scheduled for the morning Breakfast should be not earlier than 1,5 hours after that. If fitness is scheduled for the afternoon, for 2-3 hours to dine and snack to eat for the hour before class, dinner – 2 hours after. So, if you visit the gym late in the evening, it is better to dine in advance, after the end of the workout is not recommended.