Proper diet for weight loss menu for a week-day

Even those who do not know anything about nutrition, you know: to lose weight, you need to eat less. Familiar situation: weight loss diet menu for every day I tried everything, but none of them turned out to be magical, the result or not.

To understand the details of proper nutrition often do not have the time and need to lose weight yesterday. To help new users and to guide them on the right path, we have developed an approximate balanced diet menu for a week/a day for weight loss. And tell what are errors and how to make their own menu for weight loss.

proper diet for weight loss

The most important thing in our menu for each day, for a week for weight loss is calories. Only about 1500 kcal. This is enough to lose weight, if your daily rate is about 1800-2000 calories (i.e., for women). Men need more calories – which is more "to hang up in grams". The composition of products and menus for women does not differ from a menu for men.

A balanced diet is about 40% carbohydrates and 30% protein and fat. We considered these proportions in our table with menus for weight loss.

Proper diet for weight loss: do not and don'ts

How to replace items in your menu for weight loss for one week? We have made a quite simple diet menu. But, if you need to change products for those who want/have on hand. It is a simple replacement of lean protein lean protein: chicken, fish and seafood, eggs, cheese. Complex carbohydrates (which can be changed each other): buckwheat, brown rice (not brown – be what you have), pasta from durum wheat (in the extreme case it is possible and normal), beans and lentils. Raw vegetables without restrictions – they have very little calories. For example, if in the evening the stomach is growling and it is impossible to sleep, take the cucumber, tomato. The stomach is filled and it is not more than 50-100 calories.

For the first time, with the proper diet for losing weight doesn't have to carefully count calories and protein, fat, carbohydrates whole day, the blow of the calculator and complete the training of accountants. Start at least eating on our simple menu for the day. Try to buy a low-calorie food. No cracks on the fast food, fried, Mayo , etc. You do not need to eat strictly by the hour, 5 times a day, do not eat after 6, etc. – stored on the calories, and then just to lose weight.

Your daily dose, to calculate according to the formula and subtract 20-30%. How many calories necessary for you personally to lose weight about 1-2Kgs in a month. Yes, it is very little. BUT! Traditional weight loss diet that promise a minus 5-10kg 2-4 weeks is a waste of time. They are very low calorie (1000 kcal), few can withstand them whole. And if the weight went away quickly, most often it returns even faster. So do not diet, a balanced and proper diet is the best way for weight loss. You've probably heard it a hundred times already, but I believe that for some reason, only those who know from personal experience.

Menus for weight loss in a week/day

Below you will see a Table with the different menu for the three days. All the days can be changed to each other, and products for replacement on the same caloric content and composition, this is not a strict "diet for weight loss". Example menu for the week: mon – menu #1, VT – menu, #3, CP – menu #2, Chat – menu, #3, Five – menu #1, SB – menu, #3, vs – menu #2. Yes, the plan is ready the right diet for weight loss. Only it is flexible, you can change the days, and sometimes even to squeeze in her favorite food.

Table. Menus for weight loss

If you click on the name of the united states (blue), will open up a page with recipes. All can be prepared at home from simple ingredients.

Menu #1

Kcal 1421

Protein, fat, carbohydrates 116/50/132

Fat Carbohydrates Protein Kcal
Breakfast 5,25 35,08 25,85 289
Cheese (low Fat), 100g 1,84 3,34 18,01 101
Yogurt Light 0,1%, 50g 0,05 8,5 1,25 38
Hercules Oat Flakes, 30g 1,86 18,54 3,69 106
Milk, 1.5%, 100ml 1,5 4,7 2,9 44
Lunch 18 59,47 49,58 580
Chicken Fillet 170g 2,11 39,25 187
Buckwheat, 50g 1,7 35,75 6,62 172
Red Sweet Pepper, 100g 0,3 Of 6.03 0,99 26
Onion, 100g 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Green Beans (Frozen), 100g 0,21 7,58 1,8 33
Sunflower Oil, 1 tbsp 13,6 120
Dinner 18,76 17,04 The 16.52 292
Fried eggs, salad:
Egg yolk, 1 PC. Of 4.51 0,61 2,7 55
Egg white, 3 Pcs. 0,17 0,72 10,79 51
Tomatoes, 1pc. 0,25 4,82 Of 1.08 22
Cucumber, 2 pieces 0,33 10,89 1,95 45
Olive Oil, 1 tbsp 13.5 the 119
Cheesecake, 200 g 8,64 20 and 49 24,02 260

Menu #2

proper diet

1440 kcal

Protein, fat, carbohydrates 120/48/135

Fat Carbohydrates Protein Kcal
Breakfast 3,47 42,65 Of the 21.76 276
Cheese, cocktail:
Cheese (low Fat), 100g 1,84 3,34 18,01 101
Hercules Oat Flakes, 20g 1,24 12,36 2,46 70
Banana, 1 medium (18 cm — 20 cm in length) 0,39 Led light bulbs 26,95 1,29 105
Lunch 17,36 55,32 58,96 615
Pollack, 300 g 2,4 51,54 243
Brown Rice, 50 g 1,1 38,35 3,9 172
Green Peas (Frozen), 50 g 0,18 6,86 2,6 38
Onion, 100g 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Green Peas (Frozen), 50 g 0,18 6,86 2,6 38
Sunflower Oil, 1 tbsp 13,6 120
Dinner 18,51 16,26 The 15.49 289
Egg yolk, 1 PC. Of 4.51 0,61 2,7 55
Egg white, 3 Pcs. 0,17 0,72 10,79 51
Tomatoes, 1pc. 0,25 4,82 Of 1.08 22
Onions, 100 g 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Olive Oil, 1 tbsp 13.5 the 119
Cheesecake, 200 g 8,64 20 and 49 24,02 260

Menu #3

Kcal 1465

Protein, fat, carbohydrates 122/51/132

Fat Carbohydrates Protein Kcal
Breakfast 2,21 33,9 14,76 212
Oatmeal with protein:
Egg white, 3 Pcs. 0,17 0,72 10,79 51
Hercules Oat Flakes, 30g 1,86 18,54 3,69 106
Lunch 23,96 61,11 40,65 615
Salmon, 150 g 22,65 31,19 337
Pasta from durum Wheat, 50 g 0,65 35,25 5,5 169
Tomato, 1 piece 0,25 4,82 Of 1.08 22
Onion, 100g 0,08 10,11 0,92 42
Cucumber, 1 piece 0,33 10,93 1,96 45
Dinner 17,56 The 21.33 36,33 382
Pizza chicken (¼ of whole, low-fat cheese) 3,48 5,58 The 33.29 196
Tomatoes, 1pc. 0,25 4,82 Of 1.08 22
Cucumber, 1 piece 0,33 10,93 1,96 45
Olive Oil, 1 tbsp 13.5 the 119
Cheese, Custard (a cup of coffee and a lemon, and ¼ whole) 7,55 15,77 30,32 256

How to write a sample balanced menu for weight loss for per day/per week?


Consider your daily dose, it takes from 20-30%. So you know how many calories you need for weight loss.

A daily norm of calories

Table calorie foods for weight loss

A balanced diet: protein/fat/carbs

The approximate ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates with a balanced diet for weight loss – 30/30/40 (%). I. e., carbohydrates 40%, proteins and fats – 30%.

Foods that contain large amounts of protein

Foods that contain carbohydrates

Food which contains fat


To make the menu for weight loss do not have expensive or rare products. The most expensive item of expenditure is fresh meat, fish and vegetables. To accurately count calories, prepare it at home yourself. Over time, you will remember what foods and how many calories to make the menu for weight loss of the day will be easy. If cooking at home, the dishes for the food to work – you think that is too difficult, you can delay the weight loss? For those looking for an easier way, there are green coffee and Goji berries. Try them first, and then go to the side of the right to food and plastic containers. We had cookies, but there is your slender reflection in the mirror.

What can go wrong

Failures due to hard mode

If you are on the right diet for weight loss will last long, sooner or later, "uncle George". At least the power and "right" menus for a week balanced in protein, fat, carbohydrate, the body still want to regain the lost weight. And how to do it? To force you to eat it all back! Should hormones be delivered to your brain. It is therefore difficult to maintain the weight after a long diet.

How to not break? Allow yourself sometimes to rest. Eat something "bad" once a week ("cheat sweet"). But, do not turn on "vacation" in a week-long food when. Maybe something harmful to eat in a cafe or with friends, to not be tempted to continue with the celebrations. In our menu, no fruits (they just do not fit in the calories), but the proper nutrition they need. For example, you can have "sweet fruity cheat".

If you are still not managed with diet, the most important thing is to not go into a state of "well, I'm still broke diet, you can eat in 2 times more, nothing happens". With this approach, one failure turns into a week, then one month of continuous gluttony. How would the familiar sounds, but "do not blame yourself." Do not pay attention to something that is not true. It is important that as you start to eat you here and now.

Do not be afraid to substitute for similar products

Nothing bad will happen, the main thing is calories. "And if I'm on a diet of sushi?", "Can I have the watermelon?". There are products that do not are called "proper diet for weight loss" – fast food, pasta, etc. But, if you replace the product "harmful", or one who is not in the standard menu, you will lose weight! Under one condition: of calories per day is not more than the plan (on our menu is 1500 calories). For example: on your lunch the plan was 500 calories. And instead to eat sushi, which is also the total number of calories was 500 calories. So nothing to worry about! The only "but" – the "right" lunch is always hearty (low-calorie food, you can eat more). So, if you have "junk" every day, it's not going to last a long time and fail.

Constant snacking

As you can often hear: "I don't eat and can't seem to lose weight!". If there are no health problems, it is not true. So you eat really a lot, simply do not account for the fruit (banana, sandwich, cake at work), or incorrectly count the calories, especially if you are eating at home. Our menu for each day – that's all you can eat during the day to lose weight. If you do not the top will be snacks, then nothing happens.

healthy food

We hope that our menu every day will help beginners lose weight and figure out what is what in the diet.