Drinks for losing weight: 15 recipes with detailed instructions

The average adult drinks a year, around 80 liters of coffee, tea, 170 liters and 40 liters of juice. While BMI in 65% of the population over the age of 18 exceeds the norm. For some, these data have nothing in common, but nutritionists say that they are for a lot of things: where the coffee — sugar and cream tea — scone, and sweets. Now, if we had a drink in a year is 100, not 40 litres of fruit or vegetable smoothie weight, ceased for many to be a problem.

It is time to talk about what drinks should be included in the diet of those who care for their figure and health.

drinks for weight loss

The mechanism of weight loss

It is worth to mention that the experts are ambivalent for drinks for weight loss. Some believe that they actively contribute to weight loss, others call it a myth and say that it is nothing more than a placebo effect. The soil for such conversations was the lack of serious scientific research. There are only isolated facts. For example, the nutritionists gave the following figures:

  • a cup of green tea or mate allow the body to burn calories at 4%;
  • the juice of grapefruit and ginger tea — 3%.

This information, although it requires confirmation, but the inspire and I hope that with the help of some drinks you can still lose weight. Moreover, it is theoretically possible. Explain exactly how.

The fat burning

The most controversial category. Of course, by themselves, fat burning drinks do not can break down, burn and excrete fat cells. But in spite of that, indirectly, the lipolysis process they affect. The same green tea helps the body to spend more calories, but where to take them in the background diet, and not from fat reserves? It turns out that the adipocytes still burning. And all because of the presence in their composition of substances aggressor, who annoyingly (in a good way) act on the blood and the stomach wall, forcing them to work in the strengthened mode.


  • water Sassi;
  • green tea;
  • lemon water;
  • juice from the pineapple;
  • ginger tea;
  • tomato juice;
  • honey water with cinnamon;
  • the juice of grapefruit;
  • drinks from the kiwi.

Detox drinks

Those who engage in the cleanse, you know, what is detox drinks. They remove toxins from the digestive tract, blood, liver, kidneys, and other organs, and to promote weight loss (though very little). To engage with them or laxative and diuretic effects do not work in your favor. They are better to arrange fasting days a few times a month and not the Foundation of every diet, so as not to injure the health. To drink regularly, but in moderate amounts (no more cups of the day).

The best combination of ingredients in the cleansing smoothie:

  • Apple with cinnamon;
  • lemon and ginger;
  • peppermint and ginger;
  • blackberries and tangerines;
  • watermelon and mint;
  • strawberry and grapefruit;
  • pineapple and lime;
  • pear and Basil.
protein drinks


Protein shakes you can prepare at home, and can be purchased ready-made in shops for sports nutrition. The mechanism of weight loss with the assistance of well-known athletes who are involved in the drying of the body. To digest protein the body needs to spend a lot of energy and at the same time, they are permanently saturate, not allowing to feel hunger. Run the metabolic processes (including lipolysis). Among the undoubted advantages of such drinks — they are delicious, low in calories and preserving muscle mass.

Any protein shake is added to the skim milk or yogurt, and to increase their following products:

  • kiwi;
  • tangerines;
  • bananas;
  • strawberry;
  • oatmeal;
  • flaxseed;
  • the wheat germ.

Herbal teas

In the pharmacies you can buy a variety of herbal teas for weight-loss. Most of them have a diuretic or laxative effect. They remove wastes, toxins, excess fluid, improving the peristalsis of intestines and speeds up the metabolism works to get rid of excess pounds. Recommended for fast weight loss of 3-4 kg per week. As the detox drinks, to engage with them is not worth it. Moreover, the composition is questionable.

Which of these groups of drinks are to be taken as the basis for your diet? Any suitable low-calorie diet. If the main problem is the saggy belly or cellulite in the diet include fat burning. If there is a problem of slagging of the body and weight, just need to adjust a little bit, will help to clean the brew. Those who are involved in sports, want dapibus cocktails.

Ancient Chinese secret. Any tea (even black) can turn into a relaxing, if instead of sugar add a little salt. So the Chinese of this day, according to the old recipe. The original taste soon becomes habitual, and with regular use the the walls of the intestines are cleared of mucus and blood from cholesterol plaques. Good functioning of the organs accelerates the fight against obesity.


To drink worked to lose weight, a few of them drink only from time to time. You need a certain method, otherwise the effect will be. So, before you take all the recipes, understand the rules of their preparation and use.


Without a juicer and the blender most of the drinks could not be. The first gives you a 100% natural composition, the second porous structure, which reduces the calorie content of the cocktail, and improves peristalsis.

the preparation of drinks

Strictly adhere to the proportions specified in the recipe. Overdone with some ingredient added something of their own, instead of a diet is already a high calorie drink — and a farewell for weight loss.

All the ingredients must be fresh. Frozen, canned, dark, and more moldy food out of the boundaries.

Honey is a common component drinks for weight loss. Just don't get carried away. And in addition to its fat burning properties, it is very caloric. Sugar not add.

Kvass, jellies, compotes, water you can cook in the evening or in the morning in the amount that you will need for the day. Juices, shakes, smoothies, mixed for 1 times and bibendum immediately.

For the production of juices from fruits, vegetables, fruits, seeds and pith removed, and peel is removed. For drinks verberaretur in a blender, this is not necessary.


If you are replacing drinks one of the meals, keep in mind that fruits and vegetables are irritating to the intestinal wall and to increase the acidity. To alleviate this effect, it is recommended to drink a little sugar with wholegrain crispbread or nuts.

No exercise no diet no. Want to lose weight-work out in any form.

Never drink in one gulp. For more saturation and also for the prevention of dental caries (fruit spoil the tooth enamel) is used cocktail straws. Selected beverage are introduced into the diet gradually.

Need to achieve fast weight loss — drink fat-burning and low-calorie cocktails to the background of any diet. Otherwise results will be difficult to achieve. If food limitation is not your method, then at least to begin to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.

If health deteriorated, must be checked by a doctor.

Weight loss programs

  1. Return drink 1 meal (choice). A very select dinner party. Duration — 1-2 weeks. Result: minus 3-4 kg per week.
  2. Replace 2 meals (the most persistent). Duration not more than one week. The result is 6-7 kg per week.
  3. To replace and a snack or one of them.
  4. Drink half an hour before bedtime. Make sure that the drink was not a diuretic or laxative, or insomnia is provided.
  5. To use for half an hour before each meal (so loses the appetite and decreases the serving size).
  6. 30-40 minutes before the workout and after how much time after that. This applies primarily to adipem ardens drinks and protein shakes.
  7. Drinking diet.
  8. On the fasting days. 1-2 times a month.

If you have any diseases you should consult your doctor and a nutritionist. Especially pathologies of the stomach and liver.

This is interesting. A lot of vegetables and fruits, juices inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The leader among them scientists call a tomato.

tea with ginger and lemon


It is difficult to call the most effective drink that promotes rapid and safe weight loss. Each of them is good in its own way. So we can only offer recipes, and you'll have yourself make a choice.

Recipe 1. Tea with ginger and lemon

Products: 1 root length of about 20 cm, 1 lemon, 500 ml of water.

Cooking. Grated ginger to put in the thermos, pour boiling water, leave for night. In the morning meal to remove, in the tea add the juice of a lemon. If the taste is very tart and bitter, you can add a little honey or molasses. Drinking warm.

Keep in mind. If the ginger is immediately mixed with the juice of a lemon, and pour plain water (mineral without gas, melted, cooled boiled) and leave for 12 hours, you will get a lemon-ginger water, which is also widely used for weight loss.

Recipe 2. Tea with turmeric

Products: ½ tsp turmeric, 1 tbsp calce juice, 250 ml water.

Cooking. Pour the turmeric with the boiling water, stir thoroughly, leave the lid on for one hour. Before use, pour in the lime juice. To give a milder taste, you can add a little honey or sugar cane.

Keep in mind. Improving the fat burning effects will allow a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Recipe 3. Drink with cinnamon and honey

Products: ½ spoon of cinnamon in powder form, 1 tsp. fresh, not candied honey, 250 ml water.

Cooking. Cinnamon pour boiling water, stir thoroughly, cover with a lid. Allow to cool to 35 °C. Add the honey (in high temperatures loses its beneficial properties). Stir until complete dissolution of all the ingredients. To drink chilled.

Recipe 4. Lemon drink

Ingredients: 1 lemon, 500 ml of water.

Cooking. The squeeze of lemon juice. Peel chop. Fill them with boiling water. Leave it to cool. Before use, drain. To drink chilled.

Keep in mind. If one Cup of boiling water add a few slices of lemon and drink this hot tea, it will have fat burning and thermogenic effects. In addition, the lemon in this recipe you can substitute ½ grapefruit without loss of useful properties of the drink.

Recipe 5. Tea with lemon and honey

Ingredients: 1 tbsp buckwheat (is the best) honey, 1 slice lemon, 200 ml of green tea.

Cooking. Brewing loose leaf green tea (all the rules). While it is hot, put in a lemon, stir, loosely cover. When cooling to 35°C, add honey. Stir thoroughly.

Keep in mind. Such additional ingredients can be misce cinnamon powder (½ tsp), or chopped ginger (1 tsp).

jelly of oatmeal

Recipe 6. Jelly of oatmeal

Products: 200 g wholegrain oats, litre of water.

Cooking. Oatmeal pour cold water, put on the stove. After boiling, cook on low heat for at least 4 hours. As the evaporation of water should be filled. Virus, the resulting mass grinding, puree, mix with the strained liquid.

Keep in mind. If you want to add the drink a diuretic effect, add pureed prunes.

Recipe 7. Soda and lemon

Products: ½ lemon, ½ tsp of baking soda, 200 ml of boiled hot water.

Cooking. Soda to dissolve in water, add to the solution the juice of half a lemon.

Keep in mind. The lemon juice drink should drink immediately after waking up, about half an hour before Breakfast. The course is 1-2 weeks, but not more. During this time, you can lose up to 5 pounds and how to clean the body.

Recipe 8. Apple and cinnamon

Ingredients: 1 green Apple, ½ tsp of cinnamon powder, 200 ml of water or skimmed yogurt.

A new tea. Cut the Apple into pieces, remove the core before. For the cleaning of the bark is not necessary. Pour boiling water, cover, leave for 3 hours. Drain, the infusion to a boil, add cinnamon. Drink the hot brandy.

Preparation of the cocktail. Chopped pieces of Apple without basic grinding in a blender, pour the yogurt, add cinnamon and beat for 1-1,5 min.

Keep in mind. Both drinks cleanse perfect body and promote weight loss. In addition, the tandem of Apple and cinnamon satisfies hunger, so this is a very good recipe for fasting days, when nothing more.

Recipe 9. Hot fresh feijoa

Ingredients: 2 pineapple guava, 100 ml of orange juice.

Cooking. Slice the guava into small pieces. Lay all the ingredients in a blender, whip one and a half minutes. A little warm, drink warm.

Prescription from 10. Green smoothie, products

Products: 200 ml water, 5 feijoas, a bunch of lettuce, 1 banana, 5. of the parsley.

Cooking. From first hand tear greens into large pieces and grind in a blender. Then cut the fruits and add them in the cocoa. Again to win. Now you can dilute with water and again stir.

with lemon and cucumber

Recipe 11. With lemon and cucumber

Ingredients: 2 liters water, 2 medium size lemon, 2 cucumbers medium size (they should be juicy).

Cooking. Cucumbers clear from the skin and seeds to leave. Cut into large pieces. Lemons clean, cut. Whisk both ingredients in a blender. To compress as a result of the mass, squeezing out the juice. Put it in a glass jar or plastic container. Pour the hot water. Firmly close. Put in the fridge overnight.

Keep in mind. The next day not eat anything, drink all ready in the evening the amount of lemon and cucumber drink. And if you add this recipe tablespoon shredded ginger and 10. of the mint, are the most French water Sassi, which is one of the best for weight loss.

Here are the best drinks for weight loss what nutritionists suggest. Don't focus on any one recipe — the more varied your diet, the faster this starts the metabolism to rid the body of unnecessary fat reserves. If you have your own secret preparation, you can share it in the comments.