Diet for weight loss belly and sides for women: menu for a week

Bulging of the flanks and abdomen, even in small amounts, can ruin the mood and to give you your favorite slinky dresses. But the problem always can be solved by connecting the observance of nutrition principles of diet with regular exercises aimed at burning of fat in the stomach and t.n ears. This approach will significantly adjust the shape after a few weeks of intensive instruction, as well as for the preservation of the elasticity and firmness of skin, prevents the formation of stretch marks, including almost invisible.

diet for weight loss

Dream of a beautiful flat belly is a lot closer than it may seem at first glance and does not require special expenditures on the services of plastic surgeons and expensive massages.

The main principles and stages of the diet

As the experience of the active members of the fairer sex, the best way to get rid of hanging from the sides and belly of the principle of non-foods with a high fat diet. The diet should be mainly protein-filled dishes, as well as to include sufficient amounts of vegetables and fruits. Drinks should prefer green tea without sugar.

The whole process of dealing with excessive deposits on both sides and in the abdominal area consists of several mandatory steps:


Its duration is seven days, and is a gradual limitation used very harmful and high-calorie foods, for example, in your favorite morning coffee, the first to put twice less sugar, and only later to begin to get used to the real taste of a refreshing drink without any high calorie sweeteners. At the end of these seven days of the diet you need to completely remove all the forbidden foods, the body itself begins to help better prepare for totally new rules of functioning. Surprisingly, but the primary exception of the sugar and the rejection of soft drinks promotes weight 1 – 3 kg of excess weight.

The main

The duration depends on the amount of excess pounds and the criticality of the situation with the granting of the stomach and sides. As a rule, the main phase of the weight loss in such cases lasts from seven to twenty days (three weeks). If the weight exceeds 80 kg, the main stage should last no less than three weeks and to establish a healthy diet gradually. It is necessary for the maximum preservation of the elasticity of the skin, which can become saggy after burning under her fat.

The final

This step is necessary to consolidate the result. Need the details to develop a meal plan using only the allowed foods, and then stick to it for at least another six months. According to the observations of the very weakening of the young ladies in this time acquired skills in the selection of products and cooking have become habits and, therefore, constantly monitor itself is not necessary.

If you start to work on the abdomen and sides, only from regular exercise, without generating new useful taste habits, then the result will not reach. This is because the slim beauty and well-being in the process of getting rid of excess fat than 80 percent depends on the quality of the food is consumed.

The list of allowed foods when dieting

The list of allowed foods if you want to lose weight in the abdomen and flanks can be called even necessary. After all, it is extremely important for weight loss fill the body with a full complex of useful vitamins, minerals, and vitamins. With this extra fat will be broken down much faster and the skin will retain its elasticity and tenderness and beauty for many years to come. Featured products it is still important to reinforce with exercises to reduce your waist not hanging skin.

To comply with the proper diet, care should be taken for the use of:


And on a daily basis. Better if it is fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and carrot. For them, also, it is necessary to add young green peas, peppers, radishes and asparagus. Fresh of them you can prepare delicious salads, no dressing with vegetable oil or simmer soups without using of any frying pan with oil.


nice body

Especially need to use apples, plums, cherries, peaches, pears and plums, which are rich in fibers. This component of the diet allows for a faster and more efficient to break down the fat accumulation in the waist and hips.

Fresh vegetables

Regular supplement of dishes from fresh herbs allows you to saturate the organism with necessary microelements, which breaks down fat compounds. Attention dieters need to use celery (leaves, stems, roots), as well as Basil, dill and parsley. It is not necessary to give up the opportunity to add in the diet of arugula and cilantro.

Lean beef or the meat of the birds

Proper nutrition is also a place for beef or chicken (turkeys). But to use the product no more than once per week, and limited to 300 g per serving. It is important to understand that to cook such meat can only boil or steam, with the addition of natural spices. Simmer or bake (even without adding any oil) is not recommended. Ready to eat better meat with fresh vegetables.

Hard cheeses

The main requirement in the selection of hard cheeses for their quality and naturalness. To be used as a product may be no more than twice a week for 80 g. It is possible to add allowed fruit or grate into a salad with fresh vegetables.

Dried fruit, seeds, nuts

These products will serve as a tasty nutritious meal, but not more than two times a week and the volume of small handfuls. It is important to understand that the nuts must be raw. The peanuts (in any form) should be completely abandoned. From can dried fruits prunes, dried apricots and dates. Strictly prohibited are all kinds of candied fruit, raisins and figs.

Dairy products

It comes to yogurt, milk and cheese. The first two products when you want to lose weight in the stomach and sides can be used no more than three times a week (not more than one cup a day). Fresh milk, for example, can be added to coffee or tea, and kefir should be drunk early in the morning or late at night before bed. Cheese can be eaten alone, without the addition of any spices or berries.

On the list of prohibited products

Even the most serious exercise to work the abdominal muscles and the two sides will not be able to produce the desired results, if the diet is the place to be:

  1. Bread or any bakery products.
  2. Fruits with a high content of sugars (figs, grapes, banana).
  3. Starchy vegetables (potatoes).
  4. Fatty types of fish and meat (pork, lamb).
  5. The vermicelli.
  6. Cereals.
  7. Eggs.
  8. Any kind of vegetable oil.
  9. Cakes and all other sweets.
  10. Sugar.
  11. Smoked.
  12. Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, various store-bought sauces.
  13. Canned.
  14. The whole milk.
  15. Cheese with a high content of fat.
  16. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks

Tips for the assembling of the diet menu

Realize the dream of the opportunity to wear a slinky dress and feel like a slim beauty you can if you eat foods from the allowed list will be built in the next way:

Meal A list of products
Breakfast A salad of fresh vegetables with the addition of grated cheese and vegetables. Coffee (without sugar, but with milk).
Second Breakfast About 100 g of pure cheese, without any additives or sweeteners.
Lunch The soup is made of cabbage with the celery and tomatoes. Green tea (without sugar or a substitute). The two apples.

Receiving the soup can be replaced with a properly cooked meat and vegetables.

Afternoon tea Fresh fruits (except banana), or a small handful of allowed nuts or dried fruit.
Dinner Vegetable salad with the addition of greenery. The fruit from the allowed list.

Section size should be not more than 250 – 300 g at the time. In addition to diet and exercise is extremely important to restore the water balance in the body, which means that you will need in the course of the day, to drink around 1.5 – 2 liters of clean water. Its use should be spread throughout the day and make sure to drink in small SIPS.

Experienced nutritionists and coaches are recommended to the proposed power to refer to a temporary diet restriction, after that you can return the lots of sweets and bad food. This should become a new way of life with the compulsory acquisition of new habits. Otherwise, the long-awaited face of the waist may be re-acquired by the hips and saggy belly, but to deal with them will be much more difficult.

To improve the result of the work by the selected set of exercises designed for the transportation of the abdominal muscles and removal of fatty deposits in the sides.

Proven ways to speed up metabolism

The leading figure in the goal more quickly if you worry about the acceleration of the process of metabolism in the body. An experienced trainer and nutritionists recommend:

  1. To increase the amount of protein consumed.
  2. Go to use only healthy carbohydrates.
  3. To learn how to count calories consumes.
  4. To ensure proper sleep and rest.
  5. Divide the daily ration in the frequent meals in small portions (5 to 6 times a day).

The increase of the protein directly affects the metabolic processes, so their number must be at least 35% of the daily diet. Weight loss is also caused by the fact that for a full analysis of the proteins in the body consumes around 150 – 200 extra calories. If the electricity supply is divided into four stages, three of them should include protein components.

As well as for healthy carbohydrates, they are concentrated in the fresh vegetables and fruits longer able to saturate the organism with necessary energy and give the energy to exercise. You need to count calories consumed, is associated with the fact that the simple restriction of food may be too tight, and this, in turn, on the contrary, slows down the metabolic processes in the body. The minimum number of calories consumed is 500 – 800 calories.

It is better to eat smaller portions, but more frequently. Because of this metabolic process are accelerated, the body does not suffer from a lack of consumption of nutrients and micronutrients, and therefore has all the conditions for the splitting of the accumulated fat in the abdomen and sides.

Not less important for slimming the sides and the stomach is healthy peaceful sleep. This is due to the fact that during sleep the body produces hormones that are directly involved in the breakdown of excess fat. People who prefer to sleep on 3 to 4 hours, more often obese and require losing weight.

Proven weight loss diet

Every body is different, therefore diet to eliminate the ears on both sides and a hanging stomach should be chosen taking into account:

  • the individual characteristics of the organism;
  • the state of health;
  • the amount of excess pounds, to get rid of;
  • the ability to set goals and to achieve them;
  • personal taste preferences.

Of the most popular diets that are suitable for dealing with unwanted deposits in the waist area, it is necessary to highlight kefir, buckwheat and rice, but it is not the whole list of possibilities to successfully lose weight. But, there are some diet tips for those who lead a sedentary way of life, for example, work all day on the computer, and the evening watching television.

Buckwheat diet

The main feature of the diet is in exceptional use boiled buckwheat groats, pure water without any additives and pure green tea. On the list of allowed foods, you can add more low fat yogurt (no more than 1.5 liters). The diet itself turns a cheap, available and easy to prepare. Its duration is 3 to 5 days and allows you to significantly lose weight in the stomach area and sides.

dairy products for weight loss

The peculiarity of the buckwheat diet is the ability to clean the digestive tract of accumulated harmful toxins, to remove excess fluids from the body, and significantly thinner to make the waist. If there were problems with the digestive tract and any chronic diseases, to comply with the diet for 1.5 – 2 weeks. When choosing yogurt for this diet, be aware that:

  • in the presence of hyperacidity of the gastrointestinal tract and the frequent manifestations of heartburn, it is best to use yogurt a day;
  • if there is a tendency to increased gas-formation, yogurt you need to choose the three-day.

Will not prevent the diet diet and fresh vegetables. The amount of the consumed cereals unlimited, but on the day you need to drink at least 2 – 2.5 liters of water. Another important characteristic relates to the method of cooking buckwheat: 1 part cereal need 2 parts hot water and steamed for 7 – 8 hours. Better to do it in a thermos, brew buckwheat overnight to be used the next day.

In order to comply with the buckwheat diet it is better to take care of the regular exercise. With the proper observance of all the requirements, you can expect a daily loss of 1 kg of excess weight that the visual impact of 0.5 cm in the waist.

Buckwheat diet is not suitable for people who have problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, possible allergic reaction to the product itself (individual function of the body).