Exercises for weight loss exercises at home

exercise for weight loss

I think each of us knows how wonderful it is to have a healthy toned body! Most people strive for, however, is that the real situation becomes far from it.

Gain excess pounds during pregnancy, to stay under stress for a very long time, "bad" snacks at work, lack of a balanced diet, sedentary way of life — all this causes the weight to increase, then, here it is necessary to find something that will help to restore harmony, health and beauty.

One of the basic rules in this situation is to increase physical activity.

What set of exercises would suit You?

To fat burning started and to lose weight fast, it is necessary to choose an effective exercise, but to choose for them, so that they meet the training level and are directed towards solving specific problems. However, if you want to lose excess weight in a region, you not only have to deal with it.

The more efficient you will be exercise for weight loss for your whole body, only focus on the most problematic area. Do not overdo it with the load or performing exercises that just don't like it — it will quickly discourage any desire to do, not allowing them to see any visible results.

A set of exercises for your body:

aerobics for weight loss
  1. Shaping — this set of exercises will certainly correct your figure. And thanks to his dance moves + aerobic, you will be able soon to get rid of their problem areas. The movement is very fast, so therefore, it will correspond to the energy of the girls, with the purpose of a quick result.
  2. Pilates is the safest set of exercises that will suit absolutely everyone. It is the slow stretching movements. And in the direction of AB workout, pelvic, and back. perfect this set of exercises for pregnant women and mothers.
  3. Ftness ball is a set of exercises with a big ball. This complex will help get rid of fat and strengthen your muscles.
  4. Belly dance — this complex will suit all lovers of Oriental motifs. In the Oriental dances regularly, you can easily buy elegant appearance and will get rid of the excess fat. And will contribute to that the fact that the main burden in this set of exercises aimed at thighs and abdominals.

The selection of each set of exercises and doing them regularly, not only lose weight and improve your figure, but also improve your mood, become more stress-resistant.

TOP 7 Effective exercises for losing weight at home without exercise equipment

Among the infinite number of the most effective exercises. Impressive results have been achieved in a short period of time can be involved in their program are the following:

work for weight loss
  1. Running is easy and accessible sports, including most of the major muscle groups. In addition, it allows you to develop coordination, ease, and mobility, has a meditative effect that allows you to get rid of stress, and even helps to lose weight quickly.
  2. Brisk walking is an alternative to work, especially important for novice runners, whose training does not allow you to start to run. Regular workouts will ensure fat burning, and will continue to go on running.
  3. Jumping — will provide a fast weight loss. Can be done with a rope (usually on one foot, etc.). But can be done without using any equipment: the provisions of the squats, with the scope of the knees, etc.
  4. The hand — it covers all the highly effective set of exercises. This versatile exercise can keep the muscles of the body and limbs in good shape. The whole body of work, the bar has different modifications: the elbows, straight back, the side, and with one leg.
  5. Push-UPS. Without them, losing weight is trying not a single person reduction of body weight. As well as the plank, push-UPS involving the major muscle groups, plus makes the Build more expressive and taut.
  6. Squat — allow you to work the muscles of the buttocks, back of thighs, back, abs. Especially it is necessary to highlight the variation of the exercises squats, with the knees are widely separated when the body is in a single plane is the way to lose weight in the problem of the inner thighs is very effective. Leg swings — available in different variants for slimming thighs and buttocks: sitting, lying on its side from a position on all fours.

Useful tips and rules to exercise for weight loss

Will indeed be a fruitful exercise if you follow some rules and strict implementation of the recommendations. Without any of them burning fat just will not start, and some will enhance the effect and achieve the desired forms only in a shorter time.

  • Any exercise, whether running, fitness training, dancing, etc., necessarily require heating. This will prepare the muscles, ligaments and joints, reheat them, which minimizes the likelihood of injury.
  • Training should be intense, but still quite gentle. Per week 3-4 times enoughthat the body receives the necessary burden in order to force the body to say goodbye to extra pounds and was able to recover.
  • Minimal breaks between sets — 30 sec. it is not enough. But, do not give up from the short rest, it will only lead to a fast exhaustion of the organism (physical, emotional) that will cause stagnation in training, or even their complete cessation. But the winner is the key of success in losing weight.
  • Between exercises you need to drink water, but only a little — one or two SIPS would be enough. Water will speed up the metabolism, and therefore fat burning, too.
  • Proper technique — the key to success. If you do not follow this rule, the exercise will not bring benefits, but can still cause harm to cause injury.
  • That will not work (even if it will be the most effective) exercises, if you eat something, without any system and in unreasonable quantities. Does not mean diet for fast weight loss, but to adjust the menu and nutrition will still have a closer to recommended by nutritionists.
  • The training should be carried out after at least one hour after eating. After the completion of the classes, that you do not need to eat anything the next 2 hours, because the process of fat burning still going on in the body. Violation of this policy will not allow you to lose weight quickly.
  • If training to add more dancing, running or swimming, this will help greatly speed up the process of weight reduction.

15 the most effective exercises

Exercise to burn belly fat

Most popular among women exercises for slimming the abdomen, especially after childbirth.

  • Sit on floor, lift feet (shins parallel to the floor), arms also pull along the line, the body is slightly tilted toward the floor. Hold for as long as you can at this stage, gradually increase the time.
  • Plank with elbow (with arm's length for the advanced). Hold 90 sec.
Exercises for buttocks and thighs
  • Standing on all fours, raise the outstretched leg upwards, repeating for the second. Then repeat, but the leg bent in the knee.
  • Squats, when the legs are deployed anywhere — on your knees pull apart. Widely, it is important to raise the knees and to make sure that the case remained to live, if the whole body is between the two aircraft and move strictly up and down.
Exercise for stomach and sides
  • The combination of twisting with the bike. In the supine position to extend the chest to the knee, the body to raise the to meet him (hands behind head). Then on the other side.
  • And on the side of the rail, leaning on his forearm. In a more complex embodiment, focusing on her outstretched hand, the second up.

As exercise for weight loss and many others, in a large number are available for viewing on the internet. This will help to control the correctness of the execution.

Exercises for the feet

There are exercises that will make your feet seductive and irresistible. Here are the ones that will achieve the desired result:

  • Attacks Vered. It is important that the thigh comes forward which is parallel to the floor, and your knees form a right angle.
  • The rise of the pelvis. Position: lie on your back, feet on the floor hip-width apart. The pelvis should be lifted as high as possible.
Exercises for the hands

On hand, also, is a very relevant exercise in women, because it is quite a problematic area of the female figure.

  • Push-UP — these exercises are the most effective and involves a lot of muscles, giving them the benefit of the owner, as well as from other parts of the body. Beginners can perform the exercise from the wall. Elbows to try to press the housing.
  • Leaning back on a stable surface (such as leaning on a stable chair), perform push-UPS. Hands should be kept as close as possible.
Exercises for the waist

Exercises for the stomach will give the slender waist and your silhouette more attractive and graceful. Effective exercises for this:

  • Lie on your back and hold your legs directly in the 15-20 cm above the floor. It is important that the lower back in contact with the floor.
  • Spinning to the side. Standing straight, with arms to reduce the front chest and "look" for the back, while inhaling, pulling on the spine and the exhale turn even more.
Exercises for the face
  • Exercise for facial expressions: as much as possible to facilitate and to stay there for 2-3 accounts; to let the air out, folding and stretching of the lips with the tube; and then to smile widely.
  • Working the corners of his mouth to hoist the cheeks, on the eyes and hold for 5-7 seconds, so to do 2 times after 15 iterations.
Exercises for the chest
  • Standing or sitting with a straight spine (the lower back does not bend), folded hands in front of chest (reminiscent of the gesture of Namaste yoga). Then in a circular motion to take the shoulders back, shoulder blades together. In this position, with the power to exert pressure on each other hands. You can use the ball, holding it between his palms.