Effective exercises for weight loss at home

Often, many people are not able to follow of himself and of his body not even because of laziness, but because of the banal lack of time, and for this reason come up with an effective exercise for weight loss at home, with which you will be able to lose weight at home! This will require a bit of time devoted every day, and part of self-discipline. And in order to make it much easier to deal with their own, this article will provide the most useful exercises for weight loss at home for women, and told all the nuances of this way of training.

A set of exercises for weight loss at home for women

Before you start, remember one important rule – in training an important regularity! You can not give this practice one month, to give up and hope that your result will remain. To maintain the beautiful shape you need to constantly train.

Exercise for weight loss at home – features

The first step is to talk a little bit about the General principles of sports exercises for weight loss. To have a benefit from the start you need to tune in to what you will find a long and difficult journey. The lack of quick results is one of the main reasons why people throw training.

Do not forget about the diet! We're talking about nutrition, and not for the glory percusserit, which are usually masked by that word.

Correctly made diet should be based on several principles:

  • Reusable meals – more meals during the day, the faster you will work your metabolism. And, consequently, the faster you will get rid of excess fat. In addition, when you eat often, but small portions, the walls of your stomach does not stretch, and over time, he gets used to the parts. Because of this, it can significantly reduce your stomach visually.
  • Daily intake of calories must be lower than the amount you consume. In order to calculate it, you need to know your basic calorie consumption, and also to calculate the amount you will spend in the course of the day.
  • Do not forget to drink plenty of pure water – it is necessary for the functioning of all our organs, allows you to feel full on a smaller amount of food, and accelerates metabolism.

Human fat is a cosmetic disease, but your body thinks otherwise. Fat reserves are needed in order to provide the body with energy in those moments when for a short period of time, of food. It is a kind of emergency reserve, and you will lose just so the body will not allow. Therefore, it is necessary step by step to perform this task. And to do this you need exercises for fast weight loss at home, which we describe below.

Exercise for weight loss at home

This group of exercises can be divided into two categories:

  1. Those that help to use fat as a source of energy – it is in the direction of burning of the fats;
  2. And those who visually give the muscles a slim and neat appearance.

No one can be without the other – because even if you can get rid of excess weight, it may be left of your body their echoes in the form of stretch marks. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to tone and strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

Stretching exercises

Before you start training, you need to devote time to the quality of the workout. This not only will help to prevent various injuries, dislocations and sprains, but also disperse the blood throughout the body.

Special requirements for warm-up is not important to involve and warm up the major muscles of the body. Starting with head and ending with feet.

  1. Circular rotation of the head four times clockwise, four counterclockwise.
  2. Tilt head forward-back-left-right, the eight entries, two in each direction.
  3. Circular rotations by direct four hands forward, four back.
  4. Jerking the hands, right hand up, left down. Jerks of the four accounts – 2 on each side, and then change its position.
  5. The hands in front of him – a circular rotation in the wrists, elbows. Four forward, four in reverse direction.
  6. Hands in the lock – rotation of the joints. The first time, and then vice versa.
  7. Put your legs wider, my hands press to his chest. From this position perform a rotation of the body four clockwise, four counterclockwise.
  8. Heels together, arms along the waist. Without bending your knees not bending of the body downward, trying to touch heels with hands.
  9. Straighten your arms in front of him. Lift the foot, touching left knee with right hand and vice versa.
  10. Heels and toes together, hands on knees. Follow the rotation in the knee joint, first clockwise, then against.
  11. Put one foot on the toe, and perform toe rotation first in one and then in another direction. Then the same for the other leg.
exercise for weight loss at home

As mentioned earlier, home exercises for weight loss are divided into two categories. To start training is with exercise, which will be "visual weight". Usually, these are static exercises – keep the muscles in tension, in the same position for some time.

Exercises for the maintenance of muscle tone

Hand. One of the main exercises for those who want to reduce the amount of belly and sides. In addition, it is perfectly strengthens the muscles of the core, and gives a healthy spine. The classic plank is done in the following manner: take position as in the squeezings from the floor, only the reliqua not on the palm, and the forearm and elbows. The fingers are together. Your body should be in a straight line, not bending all over the place, especially in the lower part of the back. In this position, the maximum pull your stomach muscles and hold this voltage. For a start, and the last minutes of the day. Then, you need to increase the time to 5 minutes a day.

Static squat. Lean back to the wall and squat to a position in which the angle of the knees to reach 90 degrees. Tincidunt at that position and try to stand as long as possible. At the beginning it will be just one minute, gradually increase the time. This exercise is a great work of the quadriceps of the legs. As a Supplement, can to get their hands stretched forward to hold any weight – to strengthen muscles of hands.

Abduction legs back. Take a folding chair and put in front of him. Leaning his hands on the back of a chair, back straight leg back so that it was parallel with the floor. In this position, hold for 30-60 seconds, then change leg. This exercise helps to develop the gluteal muscles.

Attacks. Starting position – standing, arm on your waist. Make a big step forward with the right foot and to sit down on the right foot, so that the bend angle is about 90 degrees. Return to the starting position, pushing with the leg that did the attack. Repeat the same for the second match.

Pushups on your knees. Starting position – focus on the feet and hands, palms under shoulders, back straight. Press by bending your elbows until the chest touches the floor. Return to the starting position.

These exercises will help to restore muscle tone, so even without weight loss can significantly change your appearance. Now, let's talk about simple exercises for weight loss at home, which will help you to get rid of hated fat.

A set of exercises for weight loss at home

In order to effectively eliminate excess weight, exercise should be as industria-intensive. It is necessary to move as much as possible, and therefore, for home environment, there are special complexes of exercises. Cite one example of some of them.

Complex # 1. This complex consisted of three exercises which must be performed one after the other, without interruption, for a certain period of time. Starting position – the emphasis on the squat. Jump, push-up position, perform one pushup, return to the starting position. Then, perform jumping up, flapping your arms outstretched over your head, return to the starting position. Without stopping to run for half a minute. Then rest one minute and repeat the complex.

The small complex of two exercises. Starting position – hands at sides, feet shoulder width apart. Doing sit-UPS, then jump up, clapping hands above the head, and take his original position.

Exercises for the maintenance of muscle tone

Next, we will talk about some exercises for weight loss at home for women:

Exercise 1. Lie on the floor, lift the shoulder blades off of the floor, and hands behind the head. Legs raised above the floor – one straight, the other bent at the knee. Alternately change its position, as if pedaling a Bicycle. At the same time try to touch the left elbow right knee and vice versa, turning the body at the same time.

Exercise 2. Lie on the floor, hands at sides, legs straight lying on the floor. Lift first one leg, then the second, and also, in turn, lower them to the starting position.

Exercise 3. Sit on the floor, legs bent at the knees, not touching the floor, hold at chest level, extend the hands forward. At the same time pull the straight leg forward, and to turn the back housing, the maintenance of the balance of the abdominal muscles. Then, return to the starting position.

Exercise 4. Lie on the floor, his hands lying on the floor and stretching over my head. At the same time lift up your legs and body, trying to touch the hands of socks.

Exercise 5. Jumping the obstacle. It will be good if you have a house on the small but sturdy stool. Set in front of you. Jump onto it, then jump back. Despite its apparent simplicity, the exercise is quite difficult.

Exercise 6. The incomplete bridge. Lie on your back, with bent legs in knees. From this position raise your buttocks up, and then return to the starting position.

Exercise 7. Lie down on one side of the bottom leg, bend the knee slightly and move forward. The upper part of the leg raise up with the maximum possible amplitude without folding.

Even the most simple exercise for weight loss at home need to include crispi. Hitch helps to bring the muscles to rest, improves the flow of blood, which contributes to faster regeneration of muscle tissue. In addition, it can help to reduce pain the day after workout:

  • Sit on the floor, connect the foot of one leg with the other. Your knees will be facing the opposite side. Slowly apply pressure on the knees, a feeling of tension in the muscles of the thigh.
  • Lie on your stomach, legs extended back. Lift the upper part of the body resting on her hands, to feel the stretch in the abdominal region.
  • Stand with left leg bend at the knee, placing foot back. Grab one foot and pull it up, so as to feel the stretching of the muscles of the quadriceps.
  • The other documents are. Grab with one hand the second brush back while pulling the hands back, and as much as possible, and keeping them in place. You should feel a strong stretch in the chest.
  • Sit on the floor, the legs straighten forward. Reach hands towards your toes, bending your back muscles.

How to plan a sports exercises for weight loss?

To write a training plan, you need to be able to assess the loads that can be given at the moment. Excessive zeal usually ends with a personal injury that could jeopardize your motivation to work. So, first tune in a long but orderly work.

With a large overweight some of the exercises may be full, or they may not be physically implemented. Therefore, you do not need to live only on the compound, but also find time for Jogging and walking.

One week is to spend about three or four practices, while not forgetting about the aerobic exercises. It is time to start from 20 minutes at first, trying to do each exercise, but spending on it a minimum of time. Then, you need to give any exercise for a few minutes, focusing on one or the other muscle.

Circuit training for the beginner would be:

 running for weight loss at home
  • Monday: running in the morning exercise for weight loss during the day;
  • Tuesday: exercises for the maintenance of muscle tone;
  • Wednesday: running in the morning exercise for weight loss during the day;
  • Thursday: work in the morning;
  • Friday: exercise for weight loss, to maintain muscle tone;
  • Saturday: rest;
  • Sunday: running in the morning exercises for weight loss.

The number of groups and representatives:

  • Start with 2 approaches on 10 repetitions in the exercises of tone. With good endurance you can increase the number of sets and reps before feeling a slight burning in the muscles;
  • Exercise for weight loss and other aerobic exercise is performed to fatigue, and how much that will allow you durability.

When you are the result of home exercises for weight loss?

It is clear that this question can be answered, because everything depends on the initial parameters. Average – optimal value achieved from 3 to 6 kg in one month, depending on the number of exercises, diet, adherence. More can be harmful impact on your body, so don't be too hasty.

To achieve maximum effect, you need to combine at home workouts with a proper structured diet and aerobic exercise. We advise you to include Jogging or jumping rope.