To lose weight for the company. What is dangerous online marathons for the reduction of weight?

The network is gaining popularity marathons to lose weight. What is the back of the gambling and the pursuit of perfect forms.

The attractiveness of the online marathons for weight loss that they are available to everyone. Participation in some projects for free. In the other requires a small fee, but winners they promise cash prizes. In addition to the physique of the dreams. The essence of the projects is about the same. People involved in the group which is lead by the curator, most often a sports coach, psychologist or simply a person who managed to lose weight and to make to follow his experience. Participants will be sent daily exercise videos for workouts and nutrition guidelines. Duty "marathon" every day to do a photo and video reports and send to the organizers. Who will do all the work will go to the finale and who gets the most votes from other participants becomes the winner.


At first glance it is tempting. If you do not have enough willpower to exercise and eat properly, you can use the "stick" in the form of an online trainer who will force you to do anything. Plus, in this situation gambling the effect of competition and competitiveness. I want to prove that you are not worse or better than others. Another advantage of the collective loss of the weight: their colleagues from "crash" to exchange experiences, tips, to get moral support.

However, this method of weight loss does not fit all.

What errors do not need to make the potential participants of the online marathon?

  • For participation in the marathon, without prior consultation with the doctor. In fairness, it should be noted that the organizers of some of the projects make a recommendation to visit a doctor before the beginning of classes. It is desirable to do so and those who are considered healthy. Many people simply are unaware that they have any problems or injuries should not be allowed to play such games. Absolutely not to participate in these marathons, people with diabetes, obesity second and third degree (these people, even regular squats can cause injuries of the joints), and other chronic diseases.
  • To believe in fantastic promises. "2 weeks you can lose weight by 10 kg". Or: "After the marathon you will get a perfect figure". Because a lot depends on who are the people that originally. If too large, it is probably for one month he will be able to lose weight up to normal values. And it is downright dangerous. You need to understand: if the weight goes away very quickly, then, most likely, the unbalanced diet, a very low level of calories. Sudden and rapid weight loss is dangerous, because it is usually achieved at the expense of the loss of muscle mass. Moreover, if a person just started to exercise, the first weight may even increase, not reduce, because you will actively shape the muscle and muscles are heavier than fat.
  • To not pay attention to any discomfort during a marathon. "If there is pain in the joints, increases the swelling of the extremities during exercise, the heartbeat is changed (usually patients describe it literally: "heart beating like a bird in a cage"), or has any other manifestation of ill health, the classes need to be stopped and to consult a doctor.
  • After the end of the marathon to return to the previous authority of the government (with scones, sweets and sausages) and forget about physical exercises." In this case, the old kilograms will come back. And it is possible that with a vengeance. This does not mean that you have the rest of my life to sit on a low calorie diet and torture yourself in the gym. The achieved results need to maintain a balanced diet and reasonable physical activity.
  • Possible and impossible
  • Not to consider your own temperament. "Usually, these open events, where participants share personal information, upload your photos on social networks, designed for extroverts, i.e. people who are able to openly Express themselves, to stand up, to show the results, including the not best, to be with others, with foreigners. If you're the type of people don't consider, it is better not even to start to participate. Or you will go the distance in the beginning, or will experience psychological stress, which will block even possible to benefit from the teaching.
  • It is naive to believe that the coach or the organizers bear at least some responsibility for their actions", for example, if participants have health problems. As people leading online marathons typically do not have medical training, their activity is not licensed and not regulated. And, therefore, demand from them the corresponding.
  • I hope that the coach will select food which is suitable specifically for you. "Typically the recommendations are standard and quite common, for example, how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be contained in the daily diet of the average participant. Individual dietary choices may be just a specialist (dietitian) after a personal visit and, preferably, a detailed review of the patient. Because nutrition varies depending on the goal which a person sets before: lose weight, keep the existing weight, build muscle, etc. by the way, to calculate your personal calorie needs, protein, fat and carbohydrates every person may possess, without any coach.
  • Not take account of the welfare in a given day." To perform the exercises through the pain and power could be dangerous. For example, women with heavy periods the first 2-3 days not recommended increased physical activity.
  • They are not interested in training, education, certificates of the organizers of the marathon", consultants, as well as the feedback about them on the Internet. You have to understand: you are not just a game of luck, you will trust these people with your health. For example, most of us want to send the machine for repair professionals, so why imagine such indifference?
  • Should not be used by the awards in the form of plastic surgery or breast a snow white smile", which is offered in some marathons. Indeed, people can be inherently good external data. But, believing the project organizers, who thus sold and advertised as aesthetic services, people seeing this "attractive carrots", starts to think: maybe he needs one too, or maybe artificially made Breasts, it is good and right? All awards need to be more humane and neutral.