6 effective ways to lose weight fast

Nothing stands in the way of your perfect body, as well as a large number of myths and fashionable theories, born of incompetent people, not having even the basic medical education.

Fully understand the natural desire of every person as quickly as possible, so ardently to achieve the desired result. As evident from the fact that in the modern world is far from ideal in our time of thousands of scams profit from this natural human desire for beauty.

effective weight loss

This article will briefly describe You the basic principles of weight loss based on medical data, not only to harm Your body, but also heals.

So, let's begin! As we are used to lose weight? Create in my head, and the entire list of prohibited products and substantially reduce the calorie content of your diet. Both steps fundamentally wrong! Take a look in more detail.

6 effective ways to lose weight fast

Method 1: the emergency

Of course, the most obvious way to get rid of excess pounds is to go on a diet. Immediately the question arises - what. Of course, ideally you should refer to the dietitian to do for you menu. But, to make it not to each and every one of us. The process is long and not always effective. There diets which work for everyone perfectly. One of these – protein Dukan diet. Three weeks (after this diet lasts for a different time) you can lose five to ten pounds. As with all protein diet, it allows you to avoid the feeling of hunger, as a list of approved products is large. However, it is the main drawback: excess of protein food and rapid fat loss cause serious intoxication.

The Dukan diet consists of four phases. First, the "Attack" lasts 5-7 days. At this time you are allowed to eat meat and chicken without the skin, fish, eggs, dairy products, and make sure to add to this 2-3 tablespoons of bran a day. In the second phase (it lasts until the ideal weight is reached) in the diet can add raw and cooked vegetables. Third - you can eat the fruit. In the last step, you can finally get back to my normal diet, but once a week is necessary to arrange a protein day.

Method 2: unobtrusive

If you only need to lose a little weight, it is not necessary to resort to emergency measures. Enough to daily eliminate 500 calories. Which way? First, you will need to cut the calories. You may not even notice major changes in your diet, and it will bear fruit. For example, you are accustomed to drinking coffee with cream. At the time replaced the cream with milk or even to reject them – and reduced calorie beverages. Used for salads with mayonnaise? Try to replace the sour cream with grated garlic and chopped herbs. By the way, if you plus you'll lean on dairy products you will lose weight even more quickly. 250 kcal quietly "go away". With the other 250 you can do it even easier – the "hit" them with the exercise. First, more go: the office, the streets, rise up the ladder. In the evening to do at least 10 squats. It seems that the methods are very simple, but what effectively! A few weeks you can get rid of 2-3 extra pounds.

Method 3: relaxing

If you want to combine the useful with the pleasant, you need to look at the hardware massage. In many salons will be able to find a procedure R-classy, that will allow you to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and to get space for entertainment.

As many say, the effect is quite unexpected - the complete relaxation and relaxation in the course of one hour for the procedure until the energy and renewal. This effect is achieved due to the deep lymphatic drainage, which will not receive any manual or hardware massage on the basis of the principle of a vacuum.

Rumor has it that you can enjoy relaxing around 6-10 times, then you will lose about 1-2 size and can come only to prevent or to get the amazing feeling.

I want to relax after a hard day's work? Spend time for yourself? Become a little bit slimmer and more attractive? Everything can be done at the same time.

Method 4

One effective way to burn fat – wrapping, is especially effective in mustard or vinegar. To achieve the result you need to undergo procedures, depending on the needs – from 5 to 10. Wraps help to remove toxins and fluid, due to which the weight goes.

You can make wraps at home. For this you will need to steam the skin, wash with a body cleansing and massage. For dry skin apply the body pack (for example, mustard powder). Then close all the parts of the film, complete his body, but not tight. Dress up warm and wait 20-30 minutes, then rinse composition.

Method 5: enjoy

In anticipation of the new year, many of us, the traditional movie, go to the bathroom. For its benefits, of course, known to all. But, the fact that with steam, you can lose weight, some are suspect. And for good reason! To get rid of two or three extra pounds is indeed possible. If done right, your fat begins to be broken down for minerals and water, releasing large amounts of energy.

Rule: do not pour cold water. Otherwise the sweating may decrease. Instead, who wants to lose weight in the tub, you should pour hot salted water. Then you need to wrap yourself in a blanket and sit as 10-15 minutes, and then just go in the dressing room breathe the air.

The second rule is to not drink before, during and after the bath. Your task – to get rid of fluid, not buy. If the mouth is dry, eat a piece of Apple, orange or lemon.

Rule three: do not overdo it. Of course, those who want to lose weight, you need to stay in the steam room two to three times more than usual, but still it is worth to remember that the bathroom is harmful for the health.

Method 6: a visual illusion

For those who can't stand baths, diet, and body wraps and massages, there's no time, we suggest to resort to the deception is visual.

A nice tan will help reduce you a few inches. Go to the Solarium, or apply skin moisturizer-tan (and better ask a friend as to equally distribute it's not so easy), and especially to pay attention to the face, arms and neck. Already the person who is tanned highlight cheekbones with dark powder and focus on the eyes.