Best practices for real weight loss

The Internet is now a large number of different ways to lose weight what to lose a few extra pounds, it seems very easy. But, those who've tried, know that it is just an illusion. Even if the weight is quickly starting to go with the new diet, then soon it will stop, and then (almost always!) back. Those who are fighting with excess weight, start to think of a reliable way how to really lose weight and remain in good shape, simply, does not exist. But, it is not.

real weight loss

In fact, that the reality you create in your head, is very different from actually exists. And this is the main problem of weight loss. Always want to lose weight quickly, with minimal time and effort. Is it possible, sweeping the annoying ads, which after another diet or taking adipem ardens drugs body lady for a few weeks, turns into a solid, athletic beauty.

Yes, everyone wants to believe in miracles. But this miracle will happen. And with the women in the photos are not going too. What you show in the picture is a blatant photoshop or rearranged in a time of small images (is-is is-is). The second version is confirmed by the fact that in that picture where the woman is weak, she always looks much younger. But, in real life, everything is different after a dramatic weight loss sagging skin, wrinkles, stretch marks become visible.

The objective reality is that the human body is a complex balanced system that any drastic changes as a reaction to stress and begins to resist.

Therefore, if you dramatically lose weight, the body will try all available means to restore it:

  • slowed metabolism;
  • there is apathy and drowsiness;
  • wakes up hungry (even if it was not before).

As soon as the lost weight will return, everything will fall into place, and the body will work again in his usual mode.

Sounds a bit sad, is not it? But until then, until you learn the simple truth that to lose weight, it is necessary to properly and properly, the actual weight loss will not work. And if it is possible, for a short time and a risk to health.

Yes, the head is useful to keep the visual image of objective result. But, at the same time, we must clearly recognize that to achieve it, you will need to undergo a big way to work hard and well. And, abandoning the imaginary reality, where everything comes naturally to make the first positive steps to a slim figure.

Saving mode

And for a start put red flags protect us from the illusions. The sad fact is 80% of what is described online diets do not work. Or not working the way you want. And here's why. They are based on hard constraints: calories, set of products or some kind of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). As a result, in the balanced functioning of the body fails.

To break the car – very strange way to get better. But, it is what you do with your body those who lose weight properly.

When a large deficit of calories the body involves a mode of rigid economy. When deficiency of nutrients, anemia, vitamin deficiency, damage to the mineral balance. In the absence of carbohydrates a person loses their main source of energy. Without the fat is not working properly, the nervous system. The excess protein overloads the kidneys. And then you will believe that you will be look wonderful?

Do the diet?

real weight loss techniques

Now I think that it is possible to lose weight on these diets:

  1. "Hungry". The calorie content of these diets is 900, and sometimes 500-600 kcal, far below the physiological minimum. With such a deficit for 2-3 days occurs dizziness, weakness, nausea, and hunger is a constant companion of these weight-loss. Results really is – weight loss to 1 kg per day. But at approximately the same pace all fell back into place.
  2. Mono. When the main menu item is the only product: buckwheat, apples, chocolate, etc. The weight of these diets, also away fast enough. But if you use more than a few days, they begin to show signs of deficiency: dull hair, changes the color of the skin, broken nails. Because eating even 2-3 days in a row the same sad, I lose my appetite and calories, also declined sharply. After cessation of the diet, your body is clamoring for payment, and the weight returns.
  3. Oss. At first glance, is the perfect solution, vitamin deficiency of the fruit is not exactly dangerous. But, they are completely absent of fat, protein and fiber. And some vitamins will not last long. Besides the fruit acids are among the strongest organic acids. Gastritis, problems with the intestines, and ulcerative diseases, as the diet is strictly contraindicated. The result is the same – the weight first decreases quickly, but after the diet the pounds come back, and abdominal problems remain and are getting worse.

The pills and other remedies for hair loss we, also, will not go. A reasonable consumer is always studying a part of each new tool before its use. Not a part that is specified in the ad, and the one which is marked on the packaging with the product (if there is one).

Then go on the Internet and read about the properties of each component (separately!). Includes logic and began to think how all of this will help us to lose weight and do what is in the box the money is needed to pay for it.

To lose weight really

In fact, the way it is really possible to lose weight only one to take into account the individual features of their own body and to eat right. And the good news is that most diets which really work on the basis of these principles. And the rest is changing the hungry days of mono-diet, which balances the temporary lack of calories or nutrients.

It is best to develop an individual program for weight loss with the help of a specialist who will take into account all the important details are: age, physical ability, lifestyle, underlying disease, and even taste preferences.
real weight loss methods

A good nutritionist will not force them to follow strictly, but will remain in contact with you, if necessary, to make program adjustments. But, if this is not possible, you do not need to be upset.

Some effort and to learn useful information about the principles of healthy eating, at home program for weight loss are not that hard to do yourself. And the main advantage is that during its use the body will not experience stress, and therefore, it is possible to lose weight unlimited time to produce the desired result.

Calculation of caloric value

First, we need to calculate the ideal choice, in which live of the daily calories. Easier and faster to do it with the help of online calculators that exist in almost every web-site topics fitness or weight loss. They simply enter the height, weight, gender, age and level of physical activity.

For starters, you can limit it to just two numbers: the basic and daily metabolism. The base shows the number of calories your body consumes at rest. Day one takes into account the exercise.

For weight calorie daily intake should be 20-30%% less than the daily metabolism, but not to fall below the base line. As you change the weight of these figures are adjusted.

For stable work of the body is also an important balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Nutritionists recommend a ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates 30/10/60, but at the stage of incorporating strength training can be moved to 40/10/50, increasing the content of proteins, which are needed as building material for the muscles. A large part of the fat should be from vegetable origin. But protein is preferable to animal. The ratio of fast and slow carbohydrates 30/70.

A set of products

Set of products in the diet for weight loss should be as different as possible. This will provide the body with all required nutrients and make weight loss fun and enjoyable.

Of course, that you need to consider your personal taste preferences. But, there are foods that at least a few times a week should appear on your desktop:

  • non-starchy vegetables are the best source of vitamins and minerals, contain a lot of water and fiber with minimal calories;
  • unsweetened fruit contains fructose, sucrose, vitamins and organic acids;
  • nuts and seeds – a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements;
  • animal proteins (eggs, fish, lean meat) – contains the essential amino acids needed to build muscle, for a long time gives a sense of satiety;
  • dairy products are the best source of calcium, protein, minerals, lactic acid and other organic acids that are the prevention of dysbacteriosis;
  • bran and sprouted grains are an excellent source of coarse vegetable fibers, which are perfectly clean the intestines;
  • seafood is rich in iodine, necessary for normal functioning of the thyroid gland (secreting thyroxine which affects the speed of metabolic processes);
  • cereals – contain almost the entire group of b vitamins, which affect the rate of metabolic processes and are responsible for the condition of the skin and hair;
  • seasonings and spices not only enhance the taste of food, but also to contribute to faster fat burning.

Agree what to make of this group of products is varied and tasty menu very simple. It is advisable to do this in advance. So, you can save time spent shopping, and at the same time to balance the ration and make sure that it includes all the necessary food groups.

real weight loss food rules

Food rules

To lose weight fast enough, not enough to eat a varied and moderate. To cook and eat food, it is also properly. Recommendations a little and to remember them is simple:

  • Food should be fresh. Already after 15-20 minutes after the cooking of salad the amount of vitamins in it decreases significantly. Calida a few times and the food is almost useless – it was the only of calories.
  • There is no frying! But, all the other valid ways of cooking: baking, boiling water, or steamed, grilled. From the microwave oven should be abandoned.
  • Fat – not! Butter replaced with vegetable, dairy products and cheese, choose those with the minimum percentage of fat and with meat and fish all visible fat be removed before cooking.
  • Without glory percusserit. If you really want to eat – better to eat, than to endure it and then eat two times. But, for cakes and sweets need to be able to forget. Suitable fruits, nuts or seeds, whole-grain bars.
  • A glass of water. Drunk 20-30 minutes before meals, it will reduce the feeling of hunger, activates digestion and partially fill the stomach.
  • A Compulsory Breakfast. It must begin no later than one hour after waking up and account for about 15% of the daily diet. Better to prevent the choice of carbohydrate foods – they will give you energy for an active day.
  • Not late evenings. Finish dinner no later than 2 hours before bedtime. If you sleep, on an empty stomach is not possible, it is possible to drink in the course of the night, a glass of skim kefir or yogurt.

And make sure to remove all the harmful products: sweets, sweets, pickles, canned food, semi-finished products. Do not visit the restaurants for fast food. Minimize the use of alcohol. Refrain from sugary drinks and packaged juices.

As you can see, the rules are not so much, and there are no strict limitations on the diet they impose. Only in everyday life, and few pay attention to what and how they eat. But, even with minimum supervision able to quickly prevent weight gain and to turn the process in the opposite direction.

Physical activity

Often argue about whether really to lose weight without strenuous exercise. For proper diet this option is possible. But, the problem is that the appearance of your physique, most likely, will not be satisfied. The loss of natural support in the form of subcutaneous fat, the skin droops and are going to fold. Wrinkles, stretch marks, a person begins to look older than their age.

To keep an attractive appearance and elasticity of the skin help of physical exercises. In the course of the training:

  • significantly increased the frequency of the pulse;
  • spend the extra calories;
  • increases vital capacity;
  • increases immunity;
  • develops physical strength and stamina;
  • together with then removes toxins.
real weight loss exercise

In the initial phase for weight loss healthier aerobic exercise: swimming, walking, Jogging, aerobics, fast dancing. When the subcutaneous fat layer is reduced, and the body becomes accustomed to regular exercise, you are able to connect to strength training. Ideal weight loss are fat, increasing muscle mass.

Waiting is equally important for weight loss than proper diet. Lack of sleep and fatigue are the main enemies of those who work on their physique. Therefore, it is necessary to follow that dream remained at least 7-8 hours. And that he was strong, make sure to schedule an evening walk, at least half an hour. It and relieve the stress of the day will enrich the body with oxygen and helps to disconnect from too serious thoughts.

Also, it is better to Wake up gradually, so you need to set your alarm clock 10-15 minutes earlier than usual rise time. Lying in bed a few times, well kept, and the new day to smile and to drink a glass of pure water (you can add one teaspoon of lemon juice). And then you need to come and do small exercises: squatting, bending, some pushups and jumping. Now the body is ready for the day ahead.

The rest of the schedule plan in accordance with the work tasks and the work plan. Mention a minimum of 4 main meals: Breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.