Slimming massage foot: massage technique for the feet, examinations and results

Such a procedure would be appropriate and after a busy busy day, in order to bring the legs in order to give them to relax, and a good auxiliary remedy to eliminate the fat on the thighs and under the knees.

Often, poor circulation causes the fullness in the calf area and thigh, and the reason can be the wrong shoes, tight clothes or stationary sedentary way of life.

Which will improve the metabolism in your feet need to:

  • Move more;
  • Eat less bad foods and drinks with high calorie drinks;
  • To do the massage.

How to perform a foot massage at home so as not to hurt the body

massage slimming leg

To perform manual massage need to know a few basic rules:

  1. Start making moves from the bottom to the top, from the ankles to the waist, driving and improving circulation;
  2. It is not necessary to focus on the problem area, it is better to evenly distribute their efforts across the legs;
  3. You can pre-warm body, to take a shower or lubricate foot cream or anti cellulite cream;
  4. Carefully pull off different movements, not battery changes and heavy attacks that can harm the body;
  5. Dry massage is not recommended, it can lead to stretching of the skin and mechanical injuries. Be used for massage oil;
  6. The regular procedure will guarantee the stability results, try not to miss a day, find 10-15 minutes to conduct this procedure;
  7. Only one massage will not lead to adequate weight loss, only a comprehensive session that includes special diet and regular exercise will make Your legs slim and supple.

Manual exposure technique for losing weight in legs

Start the massage after taking a shower or bath. Apply it on the palm of your hand a little oil massage and heated in his arms. A circular massage movements is applied first to one leg, starting with the ankles and raising higher and higher, and then we perform the same procedure with the other leg.

Try to massage it evenly covers the skin and does not dry out traces.

Put the leg of the bench and start to massage the calf muscles, before the arrival of the heat in the legs. This means that the blood has started to come to this place, and the process of metabolism will speed up.

Similarly, working through the entire surface of the feet, and at the end massage the buttocks with circular movements. Massage should be fun and bring a positive feeling.

There is another type of massage is the impact on the feet for efficient weight loss.

How to do leg massage

This procedure can serve as an excellent prevention of varicose veins and will take up to 10 minutes in the evening time.

To start session you need to prepare half a bucket of small pebbles, the normal baking sheet and the oven. No, it's nothing dangerous here, fry no one. Oven need to preheat the stone. Once they gain the "pleasant" temperature, you need bare feet to walk on the pebbles, until the complete cooling of the stones.

This massage acts on the energy points associated with all organs of the body. Thus, the reduced fat of the problematic areas and provides lymph drainage.

Conclusion: proper and regular foot massage will help to relax, allow the muscles of the legs in order to strengthen blood vessels and prevent venous disorders. But, also, to lose weight, make your legs slim and toned, the sight of all the people! I wish you health and prosperity!