Lemon for weight loss: reviews, benefits, recipes

This fruit is unique, it contains a range of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, is the best way for increase of immunity at home. So, how to lose weight with lemon?

The principle of operation of a lemon

lemon for weight loss

The person begins to gain weight due to improper digestive system. Some vegetables and fruits promote weight loss, accelerate metabolism, and it is this:

  1. Lemon (in fact, citrus can very quickly establish the intestines);
  2. Cucumber;
  3. Garlic;
  4. Ginger;
  5. Pineapple;
  6. Grapefruit;
  7. Celery for weight loss.

The basis of many recipes for beauty and harmony is the juice of the lemon. We propose to combine two powerful aides in burning extra pounds. Water weight loss with lemon and cucumber – it is a godsend for those who do not want to waste time in the gym, but want to lose weight. If the body allows, and there are no individual preferences, for greater impact instead of cucumber use ren, which also contains the acid, which removes toxins from the body and burning fat.

Recipe for lemon water

We need two liters of pure water, preferably without mineral gas, but boiled will do. Peel the cucumber and cut in thin pieces, throw it in the water. Now cut the lemon into small squares, about the weight of the weight of the pieces should be as small as possible. It does not need to be replaced, it contains most of the nutrients. All mix and leave overnight in a cool place. For better taste, you can add a little mint.

The morning start with a cup of life-giving water. The day you need to drink one litre of this water. To lose weight with the water is quite real, and can verify this, if the drink in addition to carafe a day to follow a particular diet:

  • can nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, olive oil;
  • not soda, sweet, pastries, fried and smoked food;
  • water with lemon for weight loss will function without strict adherence to the rules, only in a balanced diet, the result will appear much faster.

How to make lemon water with ginger?

The recipe is also very simple, and in this way to lose weight with lemon is even easier. The basis is the same as the previous method, only at the end you need to add one ginger root. It must be pre-washed and cut into pieces, or to cook a special ginger tea for weight loss and reduction of the volume of the sound.

Contraindications water with lemon and ginger:

  1. Allergic to citrus;
  2. Individual intolerance;
  3. Pregnancy (early stages);
  4. Hypertension.

How to lose weight with lemon and pepper water

water with lemon

As an option you can still increase your metabolism simple and very effective way – water with pepper and lemon. Per liter of drink, we will need a whole ripe one lemon, and cayenne pepper. Pepper finely chop, add to the liquid, throw the yogurt, stir and insist that one day. The principle of: two liters of such water per day.

If a person has a hypersensitivity to pepper, you can use garlic. So the immune system will increase and the effect of weight loss with lemon is good. According to the de principle: in one liter of water one head of garlic (not clove, namely the head) and the whole lemon, finely chop everything and stir. Insist, to drink the next day.

With lemon juice goes well floral honey. Moreover, it can be added, along with a lemon to green tea, as a means, it is only the great purifier of toxins and radionuclides.

Lemon diet for weight loss

Of course, drinking the juice of lemon with water is good and right, it is better to make it a habit, but if the result is needed immediately? Especially because summer is coming? So, the whole cycle lasts two weeks, and the largest part of the diets for a flat stomach.

How to drink lemon water?

On the first day. The morning started out with water with lemon juice, before each meal drink a glass. It is desirable at this point in addition to the power to make physical exercises: push-UPS, jumping, Jogging can. Do not eat anything fatty, sweet, flour and salt. Carbonated water do not drink. The day you need to eat a lemon.

The second day. Follow the same rules as the first, but with the addition of one more lemon for lunch. St. john's wort, specifically, its decoction can replace plain water. Eat 1 a day. How to take the lemons? It is best after a meal, lemon essential oil works for burning fats in the body, so after every meal you should eat a piece of fruit. Do not forget about therapies and the special turpentine bath, which will speed up the appearance of the result. In the evening doing restorative muscle massage accelerates the blood through the body.

All subsequent days add one lemon at the end of the week you should have 7 lemons per day, you can combine them with the juice from the grapefruit for weight loss. This is a very effective method, but, unfortunately, not everyone is suitable. People with allergies and high blood pressure, it is better to avoid excessive consumption of the day citrus and drink with the juice of a lemon.

Helpful whether the lemon is understandable and clear answer is Yes, it speeds up metabolism and burns excess calories, but not to increase dosage or maybe poisoning. Lemon for weight loss are used in many practices such as callanetics, starvation, water diet.

Be in shape!