Complete slimming of the abdomen

Originally used as a way of fighting cellulite, this procedure quickly moved into the category of the best methods of slimming. And all thanks to its ability to greatly reduce the volume in some parts of the body. For example, a complete weakening of the stomach not only improves the condition of the skin in this area, but, also, reduces body fat, reduces swelling and shapes the waist.

body wrap for weight loss

Especially useful this procedure is for young mothers and those who are fighting with excess weight. Because, as you know, pregnancy and weight loss are not the best way affects the skin, and often in the abdomen, remains small, saggy and wrinkled. And coverings of the stomach is able to remedy this situation and to return to the old elastic and flat belly.

Of course, we should not consider this procedure as a panacea. The stomach is the body part in which the extra inches to increase easily, but to get rid of them very difficult. Therefore, in addition to complete, as well as do sports, to rethink your menu. Or at least to be more active than before, and a way of life.

How to make a Spa at home

At home the most effective course of 10-14 liners, which are made through the day. The best day for the procedure to make a post – for example, to spend it on yogurt or other dairy products, or green tea, fresh juices, fruits, vegetables, salads. The procedure itself is best performed on an empty stomach or at least two hours after a meal and two hours before the beginning of the next.

Interesting question – when is the best time to wraps. Many cosmetologists claim that time does not play special value. However, there is one rather curious fact, which will help you to more intelligently choose the time for this procedure. The fact that in the period from 22 to 24 hours our body produces somatropin is a hormone that promotes the weight loss by increasing the metabolism. And the strengthening of the action of this hormone in the body wraps you can achieve weight loss in a short period of time.

Complete slimming of the abdomen: to act in accordance with the rules

This procedure, designed specifically for the belly, passes by the same rules as all the wraps. To start with cleansing of the skin treatment. You can use ready-made products of the cosmetic industry and made at home.

For example, you can combine a couple of tablespoons of ground coffee with the same amount of your favorite shower and carefully to deal with the resulting mixture moistened skin. A good cleaning can also act as sea salt, small grinding, mixed with honey and a few drops of vegetable oil. Very well if you clean go through the skin, soaked under a hot shower or sauna. Using of the cleansing makes the skin exfoliating and the impact and prepares for the penetration of the active ingredients.

After using the scrub to wash away and you can start with the wrapping film for weight loss the stomach.

Ready for a lot of wraps to be applied evenly, paying special attention to rough areas exposed by a thick stomach. Then the waist will need to wrap several layers of cling film, trying to "put" tape, so as not to leave a millimeter of exposed skin. To finish of the film needs to start with the lowest part of the abdomen, and gradually to rise. The circle should be the area under the breast. This will allow the film to curl up and gather in the folds of the stomach.

coffee complete

At the top of the film can be completed something warm (a wide scarf, wool scarf) and cover with the blanket for a half hour or more (see sense). The greenhouse effect, which is formed in the frames of the film will help to speed up the circulation and lymphatic circulation, stimulates the elimination of stagnant liquids.

As soon as the time allotted for the effects of body wraps for weight loss stomach in the end, you can go in the shower. After treatment of the water problem areas need to be a little massage with the use of a cream with a lifting effect or cellulite.

Recipes for body wraps belly

Unlike ready cosmetics for body wraps cooked by yourself do not contain any chemicals, and what could be better for the skin than a natural and safe product?

The most common ingredients for body wraps belly are familiar with all the honey, algae, cosmetic clay, etc. Procedures with them always was, is and will be very effective. All these components contribute to the accelerated burning of the subcutaneous layer of fat, increase the excretion of excess fluid and with it toxins and literally rejuvenate the skin.

Complete the first honey

What gives the cleansing effect of burning fat.

What happens: the skin is smoothed, tightened, becomes elastic, smooth and supple.

How to do: a little bit of honey (about 2 tablespoons) bring to a liquid condition with the help of steam baths, as well as a thin layer to cover the prepared skin of the abdomen. To turn into a film and go under a blanket to wrap for slimming the abdomen is a well-acted, and then to take a shower.

You can vary this simple recipe, the enrichment of the honey essential or vegetable oils. Essential choice it is best to stand up to the citrus – orange, lemon (5 drops), from vegetable to olive (half a teaspoon).

Complete second – algae

Which gives: decrease of body volume, the activation of metabolic processes, draining effect.

What happens: the first procedure is able to reduce the waist a few inches, the skin is visibly tightened through the elimination of stagnant liquids and saturated with valuable nutrients that are so rich with algae.

How to make: algae (buy in the pharmacy, and the best kelp) to cook according to the instructions. If there is a cold wrap for slimming the abdomen, algae, pour the room temperature water. If hot water is not over 38OS. Cover with a damp plates problem areas, fix them with a film of insulation fabric, and for half an hour to go under the blanket. Then you can take a shower after which apply the fibers in the skin.

honey finish

Algae, such as honey, can also be enriched with essential oils.

The third finish – chocolate

Which gives: nourishing, moisturizing, anti-stress effect.

What's going on: are contained in the cocoa butter complex of antioxidants not only nourishes the skin but also increases its resistance to aging and flavonoids strengthen blood vessels and improve circulation. In addition, the aroma of chocolate improves the mood and relieves stress.

How to make: a water bath was necessary to dissolve a bar of dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content. Allow to cool to an acceptable temperature, to cover a large number of the skin and complete the film. Then rest for half an hour under a carpet or a blanket.

Complete the fourth – cocoa

Another chocolate wrap slimming belly with cocoa powder. For its preparation should be diluted with a few tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil is suitable, and olive oil, and sweet almond oil, and wheat germ. Grinding of the composition until smooth, heat on a steam or water bath (avoiding boiling). Allow to cool to a comfortable temperature, they cover the problem area. In General, the composition of the paste for chocolate wrapping valuable in itself, but on request can be enriched with essential oils, natural honey, juice aloe, pepper powder or ginger.

Complete fifth – acetic

That gives the fat burning, draining, regenerating effect.

What happens: with the acceleration of the process of burning of fat and to get rid of the excess fluid, the waist is reduced in volume, the skin regains elasticity, strained. Contained in the vinegar acid contributes to the enhanced regeneration of skin and increasing collagen production.

How to do: vinegar wrap for weight loss of the stomach is performed with regular or apple cider vinegar. In two parts of boiling water dissolve one part vinegar. In this composition, dampen a clean cotton cloth and wrap it around the abdomen. At the top of the canvas, to complete the film, making 3-4 turns, and go under the covers no less than half an hour.

The sixth wrap – clay

Which gives: activation of metabolic processes, hydration and cleansing.

What happens: due to the specific properties of the clay skin is freed from impurities, is saturated with oxygen, it becomes more elastic.

How to make: blue clay (complete weakening of the stomach is only with this type of clay) are mixed in a glass dish with hot water until the slurry. With stirring to not use metal objects. The finished composition to cover the problem areas, and turns in the course of the film to rest for half an hour under the blanket.

Finished seventh tea

Which gives: moisturizing, soothing, toning effect.

What happens: due to the influence contained in the tea leaves of antioxidants and catechins strengthens the skin, gets rid of the edema, it becomes more elastic.

recipe wraps

How to do: the usual way to drink green tea to cool to an acceptable temperature and to moisten the cotton cloth. Wrapping it around the waist, fasten the top of the wrap and warm wool wide scarf. Enhancement of the effects tea body wraps for weight loss of the stomach can decoctions of herbs, ginger, cardamom.

Complete the eighth – fruit

Which gives: nourishing, purifying, regenerating and moisturizing effect.

What happens: due to the influence of fruit acids strengthens the skin regeneration process, it lifts and becomes elastic. The vitamins contained in the fruit, the active is absorbed into the skin and improve its protective qualities.

How to do: using a blender to make any kind of fruit puree that you mix with the cream. Prepared earth to cover the skin, and then turn in foil and warmed.

For fruit coatings can take apples, grapes, watermelon, plums, mangos, oranges, and berries – currants, strawberries. For mashing you can use mixed fruit instead of the cream suit, honey, vegetable oil, sour cream.

Complete slimming of the abdomen.

Before the procedure, you will need to be familiar with the list of diseases for which they are contraindicated. This: a variety of tumors, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, gynecological and skin diseases, which are allergic to any of the products for wrapping. Also, this procedure is not carried out during pregnancy and breast feeding.