Calories calculation for weight loss

Excess weight is a serious cause for concern. This problem excites many people. The topic of weight loss with a special interest are discussed in the women's circle. People who are overweight usually suffer from the presence of the complexes, do not know how to appreciate myself and to fully accept their own achievements. They constantly sit on a diet, limit yourself to flour and sweet, endlessly doing the calculations calorie food.They themselves set the rules of the daily calorie intake and try not to go beyond it.The frames are sometimes so rigid that they are impossible to keep for a long time. Fans of the diet often reach a critical point, which can cause irreparable damage. Some especially impressionable nature is afraid to afford an additional piece of a favorite food and refuse of the necessary amount of food.

calories for weight loss

Many people aim to lose weight, but not all get to the desired goal. To achieve results it is important to first correctly calculate the intake of calories a day, and then systematically to support your diet. With the use of special calorie online calculator for calculating the amount of the daily fee. To make a calculation is not difficult: you only need to enter in the appropriate numbers in these fields, and to wait for a long-term plan of loss of weight.

Five formulas for calculation

The site offers weight loss methods that you can choose for your situation. A total of five formulas: Mifflin San Giora, Harris – Benedict, Ketch – Macardle, Tom Venuto and the formula of the world Health Organization. They all address a single goal – losing weight, systematic weight reduction. The difference is that the formula consider the different methods of exposure, offer their own versions of counting the number of calories a day, a week, a month. In any case, the user has the opportunity to make their own decision. You can agree or disagree with the proposed conditions, to draw certain conclusions, to analyze the data. T.n zig-zag calories shows the required number of calories that can be consumed in one day.

Safe weight loss

In preparation for the calculation of the user, it is important to choose the way it will work: rapid weight loss or gradual. Safe weight reduction means that the daily rate should not be less than 1200 calories a day. This is the most gentle option keep your body in great shape. Hair loss happens naturally, the process is not accompanied by a waiver of all kinds of Goodies. Only a man when you begin to consume less food, and eventually comes to the expected result. The timelines can last for months or years (depending on how many pounds you need to lose), but the effect is usually focused on the long term.

Most normal people will choose the safe option. It does not have to risk your health and spend a lot of energy to fight with his own body. The calculation is done so that people almost have not experienced any mental and physical discomfort.

Extreme weight loss

Sometimes to lose weight urgently. This is what happens when an important event or event. In this case, the person does not have enough time to wait. Required for the execution of the counting of the daily requirement to strictly follow the target. To deviate from the terms and conditions unacceptable. The calculation based only on the volitional effort of the person, the ability to indulge in gourmet pleasures. One day under this option are allowed to consume less than 1000 calories. The calculation is made individually, depending on the total activity and initial positions.

I must say that the effect of this weight loss is very short lived. The mistake of many people is that they are too zealously involved in the process. It is impossible to calculate and predict such effects as poor health, depression.

Why some fail to lose weight

calories for weight loss how to count

Most people want quick results with minimal investment of effort. They expect weight-loss the next morning after the making of important decisions. But, to carry out as a nobody. Some are beginning to torment yourself unnecessarily, require an immediate and fast indicators of weight loss. Women sometimes define themselves by initially unattainable standards and then complain to everyone on the unfair fate. Someone refuses to eat for several days, with that and themselves to the hungry fainting. Such behavior can have a negative impact on health.

It is important to know how to act before you hit the road. Many give up before you make the first step. It is the reason why they are still where they ever planned to begin with a development of constant progress.

The most important thing is to learn to set a goal and go to it every day in small steps. No one is able to cover a large period of time, to make a sharp jerk. There is no need to constantly berate yourself for the extra weight. Review of your diet, but do not make rapid strides. To retain its attractiveness – it means, before everything, to renounce the abusive, destructive criticism which exhausts the soul, but do not lead to the development of the individual, not to help the person to work on themselves.

Thus, to try to solve the proposed scheme will be available to everyone. It is only necessary to remember that the process of weight loss is very individual and we all present differently.