Real stories of weight loss - before and after

What to do if your physique you will need to shake out of the shackles of the December strudels, stuffed goose in January, February cake "St. Valentine's day", and a little March soufflé? Let us inspire our heroines and their real stories of weight loss.

Stories for weight loss

Tatyana Rybakova (23) blogger

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Of fourteen I weighed 105 pounds. This is not wish and enemy, and especially insignem a teenager. I was on the edge of despair: I hate to look at his reflection to find a suitable modern clothes was impossible, the school life was a series of humiliations. Reaching the boiling point, I decided to lose weight!

How tempered I

There are a number of different diets, I've tried the most popular. Sitting in the yogurt and apples, then ate some vegetables. The effect of the diets was short-lived: as soon as I started to eat normally, was lost and returned. Over time, I realized that it was necessary to learn how to combine foods and to Supplement a proper diet with a proper set of exercises: in this case, the changes will be visible not only on the level, but also on the physical level, and even in the complexion, the condition of the hair and nails.

The school I went to thin the 20 kg: they left however, as I have mastered an active way of life and to change the food system. After school he went to University in the evening and seriously got down to studying the properties of the products and the doctors arguments. So I came to my current diet: it is very similar with the a particular, and, by the way, I did not pay great attention to the glycemic index. However, the sugar and flour had to be forgotten. I, also, worked on the cardiovascular equipment. At eighteen I weighed 65 kg and now my weight (diet and training stayed the same) for the three years is 51 kg.

My life

After the women's website I saw a competition on the best history of weight loss. His history, I definitely thought and still think that is best: the judges felt the same. I won the prize Fund, but it was a nice bonus in comparison with a great gift from the fates. My experience was interesting: I started to add friends on social networks, to ask for help, to ask questions. The hype around gave me the realization that better than the rest I know that it is in losing weight — because it was almost my entire adult life.

I did not hesitate and create a website, YouTube channel and the public, where the sharing of pictures, tips and answers to questions. In addition, I have published a book, record a podcast "losing Weight is easy!" and not seminars. In other words, I started to do what he wants. Helping people to become slimmer, I realized what it really means to get pleasure from what you do.

For the love

After school I got a job as a merchandiser in a supermarket building, where he met with Cyril. He was only one year older than me, a student, decided to earn additionally on vacation. In that time, I have actively lost the weight and weighed about 85 kg. I was 17, but the First thought I had about ten years older, excess weight will make me older. However, Cyril never told me that I had to lose weight love me for who I was. In all difficult situations, my favorite is by her side and supported. He thought I was beautiful weight "eighty-plus" and admires me now, 30 pounds later. I have every reason to believe that when it comes to love, the numbers on the scale do not play a role.

Tip from Tatiana

To lose weight is pretty simple, there are no secrets or miracles — proper diet and sport! But, the most important thing in losing weight is motivation and attitude. Start with the head. Think about it, are you willing to spend on this process the time and effort.

weight loss photos before and after

The story of successful weight reduction.

Sasha is 30 years. top blogger

The growth of 171 cm and the absence of slendernesses in the setting of "default" is me. And when my friends shared that their weights 55 kg, I territi with them, but for your weight, silent. What can I say? The first 60 (the University), then 70 (single), 80 (three years from the office way of life and the uncontrolled power), 84 (beginning of pregnancy), 94 (weight before birth). Weak I was but four years of his life — a happy transformation began in high school when I started to turn into a girl, thin and stretched and ended when I've messed up hormones incorrectly selected oral contraceptives (following the advice of a friend, not a doctor).

Left in a minus

In the hospital I left recruited during pregnancy is 10 kg, and it was a great start for consecutive wins over weight. And then: the law of female solidarity. Thanks to my daughter had long enough to observe a strict diet, so as not to hurt her. I was absorbed by a new case — I have a child. and I had no time to eat: I was eating in fits and starts and in small portions. The child needs to be walked! — I walked for two hours of vigorous step. The weight and went down. The first five, then ten pounds, and more and more.

Wonderful open

When I discovered that I'm hanging all the clothes, my husband gave me shopping, and I bought size M., But what was my happiness when after a few months I started to get into the S!

Now I can do differently to feel your body. I was physically easier to do many things: to move, to do sports. I was happy to shoot!

I went to my ideal weight: I now have a game mode, and the improvement of the form. To help the body to lose a tremendous weight, regain elasticity and smoothness, I started doing more yoga.

You need a motive

To begin to lose weight seriously, you need an incentive: for some it is necessary for the situation connected with health (pregnancy and breastfeeding in my case), for someone - conscious decision that can and should be done, seen, for example, of your photos. I was recently looking through my old photos and wondered, "Why not told me?" I said, "your fullness is!", although it is evident — thin suits me much more! Yes, to love me and to be without a perfect figure. But, to be motivated (because most were closed eyes, and open them there were no forces and desires) me to her was worth a long time ago.

Advice from Sasha

  1. Check out the health and to determine what appeared to lose weight.
  2. On the basis of paragraph 1, and personal preferences to determine the appropriate power of the system. For example, try a diet for a blood type.
  3. Enter the sport in a good habit .
  4. Control, fixation results. Rid of the clothes, which is great to not be tempted to wear it. Buy new things.
  5. Take a picture of the results, to talk with friends and social networks.
  6. Dream and visualize! Collect inspiring images, save links of the clothes you buy when you reach your ideal weight.
  7. More the merrier! Find a friend in the moment of happiness that will rejoice in your successes and support you when the weight loss will slow down.

Weight loss: before and after the history number 3

Marina 19 years old student

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Our family has always flourished the cult of food. To eat was so that was the first, second, third and compote. And it is not talking about the holidays! For the holidays from the table modo! Logically, he would be chubby.

I was lucky in the class I was one placenta, but were still significantly greater most girls. I do not remember that I am a openly derided due to the weight, and I have never considered myself to be too terribly thick. However, the feeling of inferiority is present (with the growth of 167 cm scales then showed 67 kg). But, unlike weights, there were other factors that prevent me from sleeping (and then eat!) calm: I've seen that others have criticized my image and way of life. Honestly, that was about it! I was shot in the gym, but to systematically lacked diligence (what is there to fast — no food!), the diet is not followed and on top of his "antiforms" reached to the graduating class: at the time I got into the habit of at least a few times a week to eat fast food.

On the way to the gold

Looming exams and then graduation. And again, in my head as if something clicked — in fact, I had to get the gold medal! And it means — to walk the red carpet in the center of the room (nothing "Oscar"?) in full view of several hundred people. And in this case, I will look gold evening dress of the dreams? That year I had something to do — of course, most of the time when it was preparing for exams and tests. But in parallel with the Tutors and aperta elit I started to attend the gym. Unfortunately, it turned out that without the power to control no results could be impossible. And I've developed a diet which I used to have one day to eat half a packet of mayonnaise with fried potatoes and pies. Now I gave up all flour, sweet, fatty and fried. It was hard, but in comparison with the high purpose of enthusiasm and the first results I had not noticed difficulties. Prom (Oh, the Golden dress! If you have the luck with the hostess — not vastitatem at the seams!) I met with a wonderful for me is 56 kg. But, to remain thought — training became more intense, more precisely, I have lost a few pounds and bring the body to tone. Weight loss is not done, the current weight 52 kg, perfect for me, but I love this work and admiring glances once!

Big secret for small company

My diet experiment has received considerable attention in our individual family, and my diet has stopped to be a diet and has become a way of living and a new way of eating — can't imagine that I'm back on the mayonnaise on the fries. My mom and my sister were lucky — they were the paths trodden by me (and in the kitchen and in the gym), and also great thin. But, I will not hide — I had luck, too: thanks to the support group, who share my aspirations, I always have good company to go for sports and to discuss new recipes.

Tips from Marina

Permitto their failures: they still are, so let it be legal! Allow yourself one day in the week in which you do not usually eat (for example, sweets), and of the holidays to afford everything! It is unlikely that you will be able to get the weight in one night, but will gladly come to the next holiday.

I agree, these are real stories of weight loss, people are inspired by!