The correction of excess weight

Drugstores and online shops are vying to offer the remedies for hair loss – tools that reduce appetite, has the effect of burning fat or providing another activity for weight loss. Some of them, in fact, help with the thickness. Each medium has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, principle of work and efficiency. Not to be confused with choice, study carefully the proposals in this area of the market.

What drugs for weight reduction

The problem of effective slimming care thousands of people, so the pharmaceutical companies offer us hundreds of ways to be solved with the use of the drug. Advertising in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities broadcasting about the possibility of buying the capsules immediately to reduce the body weight. Online pharmacies offer to order with free shipping, you have to make a purchase and start to drink tablets or powders. To understand the long list of assets to distinguish fiction from reality producers is not easy.

To find an effective way of diet pills, you have to carefully understand the working mechanisms of drugs and their effects on the body. All known remedies can be divided into major groups:

  1. For the suppression of the appetite (anorectics). This group has an impact on the Central mechanisms regulating appetite, reducing it. The creation of a feeling of satiety. This category includes dietary Supplements, which swell in the stomach, helps to reduce the amount of food.
  2. Blocking the absorption of fat in the digestive tract. Along with the food of the body gets fat, but they are not registered thanks to the medicine.
  3. Diuretics and laxatives. Weight loss is achieved as a result of the withdrawal of excess fluid and cleansing the intestines.
  4. Hormonal. Supplement the lack of hormones when not enough of them the body produces, in parallel, contribute to weight reduction.

In addition to pharmacologic agents, are implemented biologically active additives, which are medications for weight loss. Among them may be distinguished the following categories:

  1. nutraceuticals gently reduce appetite, improve metabolism, contain a minimum of medicinal substances;
  2. BAD contain substances similar to drugs, regulate appetite, burn fat.

Drugs of Central action

Many well known pills for weight loss on the basis of the impact on the brain, or better put, to suppress reuptake of the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine. As a result of their acts accumulate to a large number of hormones, the man does not feel depressed and bad mood, then, is he wants less. It is a powerful means for the reduction of appetite and weight gain that are serious side effects: acute psychosis, disease of the blood pressure, emotional disturbances, headaches.

Inhibitors of lipase

Popular and modern pharmaceutical drugs for weight loss listata, ksenikal, orsoten work at the level of the intestine, where they block the lipase of the pancreas. Fats are split by a specific enzyme. The inhibitors restrict the production of the enzyme, whereby the cleavage occurs, the fat is not absorbed into the blood, but accumulate in the intestine, excreted with the feces. The volume of the drug in reducing the number of calories consumed.


This group of medications for weight loss not intended, but effective in some cases. The purpose of the hormones required in the poor performance of the endocrine glands, which leads to obesity. Balance leads to weight loss, so medications, hormonal medications, relates to a means for reducing body mass. Taking these drugs without a prescription and medical supervision can lead to very serious consequences.

Diuretics and laxatives for weight loss

Doctors ' recommendations in connection with the daily intake of salt is rarely respected. Often the number exceeds the norm, which causes an excess of sodium (the main component) causes water retention. Means a diuretic action is being remove excess fluid, resulting in loss of body weight. A laxative often used as a remedy for hair loss. The result is a normalization of stool weight decreases.

Diuretics and laxatives are a quick way to get rid of a few pounds, but the effect of their admission would not be sustainable. To call the use of these drugs for weight loss safe too.

There are a number of contraindications and side effects of the drug diuretic and the likelihood of dependence on laxative drugs. Although there are inexpensive drugs, they should not be allowed.


Blockers of fat absorption

Another group of slimming drugs – blockers absorption of fat. The ads claim that taking the miracle pill, without a change in the way of nutrition, fitness and physical exercise to make their body slim. There are two main groups of blockers: contains orlistat and chitosan. First deactivate the lipase and increases the amount of fat that is output from the faeces. Chitosan forms around fat gel that fat drops are obtained in a natural way. Drugs with chitosan also inhibits the lipase of the pancreas.

Psychotropic medications

Certain parts of the brain responsible for the feeling of satiety and hunger. Psychotropic medication for weight loss impact on these areas, they can blunt the feeling of hunger. Appetite suppression leads to weight loss. The use of such drugs in treating obesity is for adults only patients on the recommendation of a specialist. Medications can negatively affect the condition of the body, so they should be used in exceptional cases. To known psychotropic drugs for hair loss include:

  1. Meridia;
  3. Rimonabant;
  4. Sibutramine.

Dietary supplements

Biologically active additives are used for various purposes: replenish the amount of vitamins, the cleansing of the body, normalize the work of the heart, kidney, liver, and other systems and organs. Often the effect of dietary Supplements in the direction of weight reduction. Traditionally divided into the additive composition for nutraceuticals and para-pharmaceutical products. In each group there are drugs that effectively help in weight loss.


It is known that nutraceuticals – it means to have a minimal amount of chemicals. The highest quality are those which consist of natural herbal ingredients can gently affect the body. Reducing weight can be achieved by suppressing appetite, cleansing the body, in addition, for the health of the body and in dietary Supplements are added vitamins and minerals.

Para-medicinal products

Accessories, called the para-medicines, things like drugs, so they should be used according to the recommendations and under the supervision of doctors. In the composition of the assets in products of plant origin and honey, seafood. Para-pharmaceutical different weight reduction. The principle of operation they are divided into the following types:

  1. fat burners – hinder the absorption of the incoming fat or accelerate the process of burning of the accumulated fat reserves;
  2. Anorectics suppress hunger; ballast substances – it is not allowed to eat too much, increase in the abdomen;
  3. cleansing teas – fees of diuretics, laxatives or herbs clean the body of toxins.

Side effects and contraindications

Depending on the type of medications for weight loss, composition and other factors side effects that may occur as a result of vary. Often have the following effects:

  1. disorders;
  2. headaches;
  3. violations of the chair;
  4. anxiety;
  5. sweating;
  6. heart palpitations.

Before taking weight-loss medications should consult a doctor, because many of them have contraindications. Weight loss through dietary Supplements and drugs is not allowed in the following cases:

  1. pregnancy;
  2. lactation;
  3. youth and old age;
  4. serious diseases.


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