The most effective diet for weight loss at home with quick result

diet for weight loss

Diet is a great way to reset hatred pounds, it is a common fact. According to certain rules, to get rid of excess inches and improve your appearance. Out of an abundance of methods of the energy you can select the most effective diet for weight loss at home. After reviewing detailed information about them, you will be able to choose the characteristics of your body. Go to the problem of excess weight carefully - then the diet will get only the benefits and the side effects will pass.

Which diet is effective and quick

Losing weight each person needs to understand that it is necessary not only to reduce, but also to maintain health. The rate of weight loss depends on a proper choice of diet, but also the intensity of metabolic processes: they are active, the faster you are going to lose weight. What slows down the metabolism:

  • alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • skipping Breakfast;
  • rare diet;
  • a hearty dinner.

Every diet should start with the exception of the above bad habits. To achieve this, it is necessary to observe the fractional and frequent meals, thanks to him, in the body there are the following:

  • run metabolic processes;
  • there is a rush of energy;
  • to maintain a normal level of hemoglobin.

For men

The main problem for men when weight loss is not only normalizing weight, but also to improve the physical attractiveness of the activity. All are happy when the men have relief in the area of the abdominals, arms and chest. To get rid of excess weight, and at the same time to provide the muscle needed not hungry, but effective diet. Stick to these recommendations in the diet:

  1. For the manifestation of the prominence of the muscles required to reduce the amount of fast carbs: sugar, all flour and products. The bread should be replaced with bread.
  2. You can't underestimate the importance of diet with protein. During weight loss its contents in the body will be not less than 200 g. It is recommended to replace the fatty meat legumes: beans, asparagus, soy products.
  3. Potatoes in the diet is recommended to replace cereals, fresh vegetables, which are available in any amount.
For men

For women

Girls, unlike men, more rely on emotions when choosing a diet. They often go to extremes hold in the firm, refusal of food, in whole or in part, for a certain period, and after the return to the usual diet, thus gaining weight with high speed. It takes a while the woman does not understand that the fastest and most efficient way of the diet is the value of the offer.

The main thing in this process is to understand which foods do not contain use only contribute to weight gain, poor health. Feed control should be based on the following simple and well-known basic principles:

  1. The most challenging step is the rejection of the food contains harmful carbohydrates that enter the body, quickly transformirovalsya in fat: cakes, or any sweets, which include sugar.
  2. To create the conditions for four or five meals.
  3. Fractional eating is an important step in the diet. The bottom line is a well-known rule: after every meal, you should feel a slight feeling of hunger.
  4. Not to burden the digestive system and surrounding a late dinner. Hot tea or honey water to deal with hunger.
  5. Fruity Breakfast - proven by many followers of the proper diet a way to saturate the body before lunch useful carbohydrates , vitamins and fiber.
  6. A necessary step in any weight loss program nutritionists believe cleansing modern adsorbent Enterosgel. He actively absorbs only harmful toxins in abundance enters the bloodstream through the analysis of fat deposits. These toxins provoke the characteristic of diet, nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, disorders of stool, dull skin, appearance of pimples and blemishes. This sorbent is a well-filled stomach, and with it the creation of a feeling of satiety, sucks an excess of the appearance of the juice and enzymes which neutralize their irritant effect on the stomach wall. Let receiving long courses unlike other sorbents.

Simple, but effective diets for fast weight loss

If you want to overcome the excess weight with the help of Express diet for fast weight loss, nutritionists recommend that you start to consult a doctor for advice. One doctor includes inspection, testing, measurements of parameters of the body and the purpose of the diet. So you will ensure yourself from risky effects ( gastritis , depression, headaches, decreased immunity) that can occur when a rash how to lose weight.

Simple, but effective diets for fast weight loss

Nutritionists, who invented an effective new diet, they promise that the results will be visible already after the three-day period. During this time, you have to follow a set of rules defined in the system. Only strict adherence to a recipe guaranteed to get rid of the hated inches of the body. If you broke down and lost it, the diet must start again.

Buckwheat monodiet for 3 days

This diet involves meals of buckwheat and remarkable this diet is low in carbohydrates. You need to choose unrefined cereals with whole-grained core, because the shell contains the optimum amount of vitamins part B. when cooking porridge is not lost useful items, nutritionists suggest soaking it overnight in cold water. In six hours, it will be saturated with liquid and will have the appearance and taste of cooked cereals. With the power comes from the buckwheat in a period of only three to five days is possible not only to normalize weight, but also to enjoy other pleasant bonuses:

  • buckwheat dissolves vascular fatty plaque;
  • there is a powerful cleansing effect;
  • buckwheat provides long-term and easy saturation;
  • due to the high content of copper, diet buckwheat is good for hair, skin and nails.

Egg 5 pounds for 5 days

On the basis of this diet are eggs, because they consist of easily digestible protein. The diet recommended to introduce fresh vegetables, fruit, citrus. Due to the lack of the necessary amount of carbohydrates and fats such a diet can not be called balanced. Diet is designed for three doses per day:

  1. Breakfast: three eggs of the second category, a grapefruit.
  2. Lunch: Apple, grapes, pears - in any quantity.
  3. Dinner: boiled chicken breast (200 gr.).

Kefir for 7 days

Of diet Larisa Dolina popular in the last ten years. It is a waste of a lot of people who are overweight. The diet is designed for 7 (seven) calendar days in which it is recommended to drink 2 liters of yogurt. For the period forget the sweets, cakes and products that contribute to the appearance of extra pounds. Welcome drink of boiled chicken meat and vegetables, but these products are only allowed up to five in the evening. The negative side of the diet, when they return to the everyday way of life, the pounds can come back again.

Protein for 2 weeks

After hearing about this diet, many people assume that it is a food with one meat, but it is not. This way to lose weight includes foods that contain protein: meat, beans, peas. Many nutritionists contend that protein diet is heavy stress on the digestive system, because it gets the protein and fat and completely deprived of complex carbohydrates. This diet gives immediate effect: 2 weeks is easy to achieve minus 10 kg. This result is not a long-term threat to health. Protein diet can lead to negative changes in the body:

  • violation of the legal capacity of the kidneys;
  • the destruction of the joints ;
  • problems with the nervous system;
  • weakness of the muscles.
Protein for 2 weeks

A low level of calories 20 pounds per month

This weight is possible to lose the scales if the mark comes to 110-150 kg low-calorie diet, in which it is easy to lose 20 kg per month, provides food unprocessed vegetables, herbs and fruits. At this time, it is not recommended to consume cooked food. Especially is good to stick to such foods during the course of the summer and autumn, but winter is also possible, since there is a stock of seasonal products: winter varieties of cabbage, beets, carrots, apples, pears.

These vegetables and fruits allowed to eat in a more comfortable amount in the form of salads and smoothies , whipped in a blender. It is very important for fast weight loss there are a number of dill, parsley, spinach, lettuce, Basil, nettle. Once a day, it is recommended to make a green smoothie: your favorite fruit, whipped with a bundle of greenery and water. With the help of the raw food diet not only solves the weight problem, but it heals the whole body.

The ranking of the most popular and most effective diets in the world

Having made the decision to lose weight with the use of nutritional intervention, not all have the desire to start this process with a new, not tested diets. We all want to avoid side effects and to maintain health. Therefore, nutritionists are offered a short list in which the designated rating diets for effectiveness:

  • Japanese - headed by the top effective diets;
  • The kremlin - easy - fast weight loss;
  • Hollywood - for effective weight loss;
  • "6 petals" is a safe, slimming stomach;
  • Express Dukan diet is the toughest way to lose weight.

Bloating when dieting

The transition to a healthy and rich in fiber, protein and "slow" carbohydrate diet can be accompanied by discomfort of the digestive system, the appearance of bloating and flatulence. Legumes, vegetables, whole grains, high content of oligosaccharides that most people have difficult to digest.

How to leave the diet at home

Effect and duration of resulting in the loss of weight depends on the diet and after graduation. While the food restrictions stomach varies in size, it becomes a little less ordinary. Nutritionists advise to get out of the diet slowly, not loading and not stretching of the stomach. Here are a few tips from the experts:

  1. Start the day with a large glass of water.
  2. On the first day after the diet does not increase the parts.
  3. The introduction of conventional foods gradually, one every day.