Menu for every day of proper nutrition for weight loss

It is very easy to gain weight, but it is difficult to get rid of it. How to be? Is it really impossible to lose the hated pounds? It may. The main thing is to choose a technique to which you can stick for a long time. These can be low calorie diets and fasting. You can perform these methods under the supervision of experts or on your own at home. They will definitely reduce the weight. But the result will be temporary: as long as you keep it.


By torturing yourself with hunger strikes, you lose not only your body fat but also your muscle. The rate of weight loss is fast. All you need to do is drink water and green tea. The body is thoroughly cleansed of harmful elements:

  • slag?
  • allergens?
  • toxins.

Note that this method is not safe. It is not recommended to stick it for more than seven days. The maximum duration of a hunger strike is 3 days. We do not recommend using this technique. But if you decide, then it is better to start a hunger strike from the 1st day. Time without food will boost your metabolism well.

The Basics of Proper Nutrition for Weight Loss

The principle of a low calorie diet is also a limitation. The total nutritional value of the daily diet should not exceed 1500 kcal. Carbohydrates and fats should be consumed in small quantities.

Both methods are very difficult to handle if you do not have good will. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you take a completely different approach.

How to eat right to lose weight at home? This is the question that should interest you. Only with a proper diet preparation approach will weight loss be temporary. The kilograms will disappear gradually and continuously.

Basic principles of proper nutrition

With the right approach to nutrition, you make your body healthier every day. The weight disappears and strength and energy come to replace it. Diets and hunger strikes reduce the weight, but when they are over, the weight returns like a boomerang (it can even have a double value).

Eating only low calorie foods is wrong. You just need to control the amount of products consumed and their percentage (among them).

Proper nutrition, which is constantly observed, is the key to success. The third part must be animal proteins. Everything else is plant foods.

Do not torture yourself. Stop your favorite foods. Eat what you really like (but with the right approach). The road is generally open for meat lovers. When cooked properly (boiled or steamed) and consumed (with vegetables), you can lose weight well.

Do not eat a calorie diet entitled "book". It is individual and depends on the amount of movement of a person per day. Calculate it for your mass.

principles of good nutrition for weight loss

Do not eat foods high in fat and glucose. To process them, the body has to expend a lot of energy.

Strictly follow the rules of food mating. For example, you can not eat meat with carbohydrates and milk.

Drink constantly. Not just juices, but clean water. The amount is calculated as follows: multiply 30 ml of water by the number of kilos of your weight. The calculated price includes tea, soups and other liquids. Fifty percent of the resulting rate should be water.

Nutrition is not just a combination of words. The body needs to know when to feed. The number of meals should not be less than 3. Have a light snack in between.

Food with the right approach

Before looking at the menu, let's talk a bit about products. So how do you eat to lose weight at home? Here's what we eat:

  • The first is meat. "Healthy" meat does not include, for example, pork and other fatty varieties. The meat for proper nutrition is poultry, beef, beef. Sausages, sausages, smoked products are enemies that must be avoided. Remove fat and skin from pieces of meat. Bake with a little oil, boil with steam or water - this is how you should cook.
  • Second is the fish. It is necessary to include it in the diet more often than meat. The cooking method is the same. Fish varieties must be low in fat (perch, cod, cod, perch)
  • Third - eggs. Eggs are a high calorie product. But it must be. The product is very difficult to assimilate. You should eat no more than 3 pieces (per week). For weight loss, it is best to include quail eggs in your diet, which are much healthier than chicken eggs.
  • Fourth - dairy products. More specifically, the basis of the diet is fermented dairy products (cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir). Sour cream and whipped cream are allowed in small quantities (but rarely).
  • Fifth - animal fats. We are talking about butter and other fats. Fats are essential for the proper functioning of the body's systems. Five grams a day will be enough. The needs of the body will be met, the weight loss process will be more effective.
  • Sixth - vegetable oil. Try to cook without oil. But if the recipe calls for it, then let it be soy, olive, corn or sunflower. The best oil is cold pressed. For weight loss, it is best to cook in a double boiler.
  • Seventh - vegetables. You should use greens (coriander, celery, onions, dill), cabbage (broccoli, cauliflower, white cabbage), peppers, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, garlic. Only potatoes are not allowed. Even a large number of the listed vegetables will not damage the shape.
  • Eighth - fruit (berries). It is a source of vitamins. Dried fruits are also allowed. The most useful fruits are those that are grown in our climatic conditions.
  • Ninth - cereals and pasta. What to eat to lose weight fast? What cereals? These are wheat, rice, millet and buckwheat. The pasta must be firm. A portion of cereal (pasta) - 200 grams.
  • Tithing is bread. The amount of bread per day is 30-40 grams. Instead of higher quality white bread, you should eat grains or bran. Consumption of baked goods is unacceptable while you lose weight. You can only afford it at the maintenance stage and then for a very small amount. It is imperative to follow the timing of food intake (harmful food should be consumed in the morning).
  • The eleventh is salt. You need to salt food a little less than usual. For flavor, it is best to use spices: pepper, nutmeg, marjoram, coriander, curry, oregano, cloves, lemon balm, ginger.

And finally, about sugar. We completely rule it out. Sugar is empty and completely useless calories.

Menu leading to weight loss

how to eat properly to lose weight

The menu for each day of proper nutrition for weight loss includes the following options.

Breakfast options

  • oatmeal (composition: milk, oatmeal, dried apricots, raisins), milk (glass), soft boiled eggs (2 pieces);
  • fish cooked in batter? mashed potatoes and milk (glass)
  • muesli and milk, eggs (1 piece), fruit juice.

Second breakfast options

  • yogurt, 2 bananas, orange
  • non-fat cottage cheese and sour cream, apple?
  • pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese and milk.

Lunch options

  • chicken noodles (soup), buckwheat porridge and mushrooms, pumpkin and tomato salad, juice (glass);
  • ear, chopped vegetables, meat, juice (glass)
  • borscht, zrazi (tomato and cheese), buckwheat porridge, cocoa.

Snack Options

  • sandwiches (bread and cheese), milk (glass);
  • salad (tomatoes and sour cream), juice?
  • yogurt and any fruit (depending on the season).

Dining options

  • chicken, chopped vegetables, green tea?
  • Greek salad, ribs, milk
  • boiled vegetable salad (vinaigrette), boiled chicken, green tea.

If the meal menu contains juice, then you should know that they are not juices, but homemade, with a small amount of sugar.

Nutritional possibilities

Health and nutrition are at the same level of rules. Therefore, be sure to follow the above principles and remember the peculiarities of the new eating behavior.

  1. Eat 3-5 times a day.
  2. Eat a variety of foods. Monotony is excluded.
  3. During a settlement week, the fish eat more meat.
  4. Alcohol is excluded.
  5. We do not eat conservatives.
  6. Instead of sweet drinks, we drink mineral water.
  7. We always prepare fresh meals.
  8. Prohibited: chocolate, flour, marshmallows and ice cream.
  9. Do not overeat.

Sports and weight loss

Sports will enhance the weight loss process. The main thing is the daily loads. Do not torture yourself with hours of training, as long as you spend 5-20 minutes in exercise.

Competent fitness trainers tell you to follow dietary guidelines during exercise. That is:

  1. A competent approach to weight loss presupposes that a person always gets enough sleep. Lack of sleep, the human brain perceives the same as malnutrition.
  2. For a slim waist, eat plant foods for dinner.
  3. Do not eat before bed.

Cardio exercises are a good stimulant of proper weight loss. They last an hour and a half. During this time, the subcutaneous fat is converted into muscle mass.

Stay calm. Nervous condition does not help in weight loss.

Always broaden your eating horizons. The strongest and most famous athletes know almost everything about diet rules. Definitely more than any nutritionist.

Following the above recommendations, sometimes the weight loss process is delayed for a long time. What happens? Because this? It turns out that you need to know how to eat while exercising.

The maximum result is achieved in the following cases:

  1. The diet contains protein and carbohydrates.
  2. Carbohydrates, during exercise, activate the brain and muscles. By consuming carbohydrates, we help the body consume energy and burn fat.
  3. Protein during exercise will serve as amino acids for your muscles. Proteins will not release energy, but will begin to synthesize proteins immediately after training.
  4. If the amount of fat in the diet is less than 3 grams.
  5. Fat significantly slows down the digestion of food and the work of an organ such as the stomach. If you include fatty foods in your plate before exercise, you will feel nauseous and colic during exercise.

Before training you should eat:

  • omelette (protein only) and oatmeal
  • meat (turkey, chicken or just breast) with bread (only coarsely ground), rice.
  • steak (lean) and potatoes.

About meal times:

  1. Soup, salad in large portions should be eaten 2 hours before class. The food will be digested within the allotted time and the stomach will be empty.
  2. Porridge and cottage cheese - half an hour before training.
  3. If you want to not only reduce body fat, but also build muscle, eat fruit with a protein drink before your workout. Reception time - half an hour before classes. You need low glycemic index fruits: strawberries, apples, pears. Drink - a whey protein drink.

For better cell mobilization of fat, drink strong green tea or coffee 30 minutes before exercise. Then a lot of fat and less amino acids, glycogen and glucose will be burned. As a result, you will feel tired later than usual during your workout. And after the workout, you will not fade from headaches. The effect of strong tea (coffee) lasts about 2 hours.

After training, you do not need to eat anything. The body is distracted from digesting food instead of destroying body fat. If you feel bad from hunger, then it is better to drink a glass of regular milk or protein shake.

After exercise (after 20 minutes), the body actively consumes carbohydrates and proteins. Recovery occurs as well as muscle growth. Calories do not translate into fat.

It is best to drink liquid carbohydrates after a workout. For example, grape juice or cranberry. Instructors also advise to replenish the body with protein. Better if it is a protein shake. You should drink it immediately after the end of the lesson. Normal egg whites can replace the cocktail. You can also eat any protein food. The main thing is that it is a small part of the protein product (from your palm). Milk, yogurt, fatty pork, cottage cheese are not the best choices for post-workout meals. Eat chicken breasts (without skin), but not chicken legs.

In addition, after training are excluded: chocolate products, tea, what kind of chocolate. This is because beverages contain caffeine, which negatively affects insulin function.

Conclusion! Train in the morning. Drink coffee (tea) before training. And after the lesson, take a break at 2 hours and drink coffee only after the set time.

Now it's clear how to eat before and after your workout. What can you drink? The treatment is as follows: before doing the training exercises, make sure you drink water (1 glass), while exercising, drink it in small sips after 20 minutes.

If your workout lasts an hour or more, use special athlete drinks. They are useful because their composition contains useful elements. It is allowed to consume fresh juices (natural only).

the essence of good nutrition for weight loss

Unless you are worried about drinking, chances are your workout will not work due to lethargy.

And more. Do not drink only when you are thirsty. When you feel it, your body will already be dehydrated. Why is this happening? Because intense training makes the receptors in the throat and gastrointestinal tract less sensitive. You must drink constantly.

Bad symptoms include:

  • headache?
  • thirst?
  • lack of appetite.
  • fatigue
  • dry lips?
  • irritability?
  • dry mouth.

If you experience either of these symptoms, be sure to start drinking water immediately. If you are completely unbearable, stop your workouts.

If you still can not lose weight, look at yourself from the outside and do an analysis. You may not understand the principles of the human body, so you are wrongly meeting its needs. Or you think you are doing everything right, but you are not. You do not know which food groups exist and how they interact with each other.

Let's summarize. Weight loss at home is possible. As long as you eat right and exercise every day.