Favorite diet: basics, menus and results

The "Favorite" food program is based on alternating fasting days using one type of food. This method aims to speed up metabolic processes and significantly reduce the calorie content of the diet, which means rapid weight loss as a result.

The basics of the weight loss program

principles of nutrition in a favorite diet

The essence is the strict alternation of products per day. Although there are many dietary options, the principles remain the same: fruits, vegetables and protein alternate with the days of consumption.

This function forces the body to use the maximum of resources to process a type of food and maintain vital functions. The difference in duration, daily calorie intake, and the presence or ability to allow relaxation.

Variations also differ in the implied hydraulic line as a result of compliance. Thus, the classic weekly version presupposes a reduction in body weight to 5 or 7 kg, while 14 days can provide 10 kg of care.

Diet rules

Achieve maximum weight loss when using such a program can only be guided by the unanswered rules that appeared in the following when using it.

  • Only 1 product type. On a day of consumption, you can not look for something to eat. Meat in broth is not suitable and a piece of cheese with tea is not allowed. Only fluids and this is the essence of the stimulating effect of such a diet.
  • Tumor and calorie control. Do not forget that soups, kefir, milk and other liquids have energy value, such as fruits and vegetables, among others. Their uncontrolled use will distort the result or will not allow them to be achieved at all.
  • Confidence in the will and prosperity. To decide on such a diet, you must have experience in fasting days and confidence in the body's ability to withstand them without leading to serious consequences.
  • Deadline. Having felt the effectiveness, you do not need to take a taste and extend the program for 3 or 4 weeks. This will adversely affect health and general well-being. Such a meager diet is acceptable only for a short time.

Nutritionists tend to consider the optimal duration of the "Favorite" low calorie diet 7 days. Its long-term use leads to hormonal disorders and nervous exhaustion.

Foods from the recommended diet

As there are some differences in dietary variants, the basis remains the same:

  • , in addition to fruit, other than sweets and starches, such as grapes, bananas and certain varieties of apples.
  • vegetables and with the same warning, it is worth limiting the use of potatoes and pumpkin.
  • lean meat broths with at least spices. It is recommended to give up salt to remove excess water.
  • fermented milk products: kefir, milk, natural yogurt and cottage cheese;
  • boiled meat and fish, as a rule, can be consumed at the end of the diet.

However, snacks in the form of seeds and berries are not provided. To feel the result, you must strictly follow the program and not allow deviations, even if you want to.

Favorite food menu variations

There are currently 5 popular versions of this diet and each one is good in its own way. The larger options are more balanced, while the smaller ones have the highest severity and maximum limitations. And yet, there are significant trends in diet formation.

Drinking Day

Assumes unlimited use of water, herbal teas, sugar-free tea and moderate amounts of milk, kefir, low-fat broths with minimal salt. In the morning, you can use smoothies, vegetable juices and fruit drinks. In addition, milk and dairy products should be selected with a minimum fat content and fresh juices should be diluted with water.

Sweet compotes, carbonated drinks, alcohol are completely excluded, although one of the options requires the use of dry red wine.


what you can eat a day vegetables in a favorite diet

On such days, you can eat vegetables in any form. These can be various salads dressed with a drop of oil, boiled or roasted, roasted or boiled zucchini, carrots, all kinds of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

A portion of any vegetable dish should not exceed 300 grams.


3 kg of fruit are calculated per day. But they should not be sweet apples, grapes and bananas. But pears, plums, kiwis, grapefruits, melons and watermelons are perfect.

Protein Day

The diet becomes balanced. The menu may include shrimp, fish or meat. Egg white, cottage cheese or legumes are also good. However, the portions are strictly limited to 200 grams. There should be no more than 5 such meals a day.

And now more about how to display the chart for different periods of the "Favorite" diet

5 day option

This is the shortest method, eliminating protein and smooth output. They should be considered a necessity, but this is already in the consciousness of the person who has chosen any of the variants. Estimated weight loss 3-5 kg.

  • First day - liquids only.
  • The second is fruity.
  • The third drinks again.
  • The fourth is vegetables.
  • The fifth drinks plenty of fluids.

Weekly selection

This variant is one of the most popular. During this period, it is still not possible to get tired of the rarity of the diet and it can not cause harm to the body, however, it does not imply less severe restrictions. With swelling and overweight, you can lose up to 10 pounds, the usual plumbing line will be 5 or 7.

  • The first day drinks.
  • Second day - fruit.
  • Third day - protein foods.
  • Fourth day - liquids.
  • Fifth day - vegetables.
  • Sixth day - drink again.
  • Seventh - a balanced meal with broth, meat and vegetables in portions not exceeding 200 grams.

10 day program

The long-term scheme suggests some deviations from the classic scheme. However, the effectiveness shows up to 7 kg of weight loss.

  • On the first day - drinking fermented dairy products about 2 liters.
  • On the second day - fruit, but not more than 2 kg.
  • The third is cottage cheese, preferably fat-free, with only 500 grams 100 for each meal.
  • The fourth day - squash caviar, preferably homemade to eliminate sugar and a large amount of oil, 800 grams per day.
  • Fifth - 100 grams of high quality dark chocolate and unlimited consumption.
  • Sixth day - green apples without sugar about 1. 5 kg.
  • Seventh - You should stretch 400 grams of low-fat cheese a day.
  • Eighth day - prepare cabbage salad and a liter of tomato juice in advance.
  • The ninth day - eats a kilo of meat and only lean meat.
  • Tenth - vegetables in the form of mixtures with herbs and herbs

Plan for 14 days

favorite sample diet menu

This is the longest-lived option and is discouraged by nutritionists. Weight loss may be 10-12 kg, but it is a possible deterioration of health and severe stress.

  • The first 3 days - kefir in unlimited quantities, but hot drinks are completely excluded.
  • The second is apples in any form: grated, fresh, baked.
  • Still others are chicken and water, for one day you can rely on a kilo of boiled or grilled meat in combination with still water.
  • The fourth 3 days are the most original, best calculated for the weekend, as each meal is a glass of dry red wine with 40 grams of low-fat hard cheese.
  • 2 days left - vegetable soups and lean vegetable soups.

Hard diet

This is an abbreviated graph of the previous figure in half schedule. It is worth waiting for a 7 kg hydraulic line.

  • The first 2 days - kefir.
  • The third is green apples without sugar.
  • The fourth, fifth and sixth are chicken and pure water.
  • The seventh is a slice of cheese and a glass of red wine.

No matter how attractive the chosen variant of the "Favorite" diet may seem, you should be sure of the excellent health and the absence of contraindications to its use.

Ways to end your diet safely

Poor diet and rapid weight loss require a smooth completion of the program. You need to tune in for 30 days of smooth return to your usual pace and regular landing using one of your favorite days.

Basic rules include:

  • the diet should vary in moderation, introducing 1 or 2 products to the menu.
  • During the month, the caloric content of the diet should not exceed 1800 Kcal.
  • physical activity should not be forgotten.
  • alcohol consumption regime should be maintained as much as possible, at least 1. 5 liters per day.
  • unloading can be done no more than once a week.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other weight loss program, this diet has its drawbacks and disadvantages.

the pros and cons of a favorite diet

Among the positive features:

  • rapid weight loss?
  • you can change the duration of the diet.
  • you can change the menu.
  • Body cleansing is done smoothly and efficiently.

And if we talk about the strong weaknesses, then the most obvious are:

  • constant hunger.
  • causes indigestion.
  • helps to reduce pressure sharply.
  • causes discomfort and weakness.

However, many events depend on the characteristics of the organization. Healthy people are more easily tolerated, while in the slightest weakening it causes serious consequences.

Contraindications for use

This diet with poor nutrition and strict restrictions is recommended only for healthy people.

Never used with:

  • heart failure?
  • gastritis and stomach ulcers.
  • diabetes?
  • postoperative recovery?
  • pregnancy and lactation?
  • kidney disease.

The effectiveness of the "Favorite" diet

With low weight, many people manage to get rid of only a few pounds, this is very normal. But with severe surpluses with prolonged use, a potential hydraulic line can be 12 pounds. However, the effect can be lost quickly, as water will return to the body and as it returns to normal, adipose tissue will gradually begin to return. Therefore, an outlet and a long-term maintenance schedule must be planned.

A favorite diet is ideal for those people who want to lose a significant amount of excess weight in the shortest possible time. It is important to choose the most convenient option that will not cause discomfort or harm to your health during the procedure. After a while, the result can be improved by repeating the "Favorite" diet.