A healthy eating plan for weight loss menu on a Sunday

To make the form, you do not need to torture yourself with strict diets, which is also to the detriment of the central nervous system, and has nothing to do. To lose weight and cleanse the body, it is possible by the proper diet that includes a variety of tasty recipes. The menu of this diet is quite balanced, containing the necessary amount of calories, which helps you to get rid of excess weight without harm for the health of the people.

eating plan for weight loss

In order to make a menu of what you need to know about list of foods that are allowed to be used for cooking. The table of permitted products, such as the following:

Seeds and nuts
Durum pasta
Berries and fruits
Milk and milk products: natural yogurt, kefir, sour cream, milk, and cheese
The green
Bread flour
Olive, sunflower and butter
Vegetables: carrots, onions, beets, cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes
The eggs
Fish: bream, hake, mackerel
Meat: chicken, lean beef, veal, Turkey heart, liver

Diet for quick weight loss and menus can be invented independently or copied from the default settings. On the day of the loss of hair:

  • Breakfast: cereal, oatmeal, cooked in water with dried fruits, green tea.
  • The Second Breakfast: An Apple.
  • Lunch: thick soup prepared with broccoli, chicken cooked compote.
  • Snack: biscuit with cheese, vegetables, tea.
  • Dinner: chicken breast or steamed fish with vegetables and salad, dressed with olive oil.

To make a menu item to which you want to calculate the daily calories needed for weight loss. There are a large number of applications in which you can do the calculation online. By calculating the eating amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, it is possible to start drawing up a menu. To lose weight, you need to reduce your calories by 20% than a calculated threshold.

For the preparation of the proper diet you should adhere to the following tips:

  1. You need to determine the number of servings, weight loss for three main meals and two snacks. Most of the fat meal – Breakfast or lunch, dinner is easy.
  2. 50% of the calories consumed in the morning, for example, if you want to, in the morning you can eat a sweet that will not affect the image.
  3. The menu needs to be made so that the interval between meals was not more than 2.5-3 hours.
  4. You need to distribute proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the morning, you need to give them the benefit of carbohydrates, fats, and small amounts of protein. Lunch should consist of complex carbohydrates, for dinner usually a protein and a fibre.

No less important is proper nutrition is a water balance is required every day to drink at least two liters of pure water, which will reduce the severity, you get rid of the toxins and make the skin supple.

A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast with the right nutrition is one of the main meals, which is not to be missed, as it provides energy and vitality for the whole day. Don't have to worry about the fact that you have to choose a proper Breakfast, you are able to use off-the-shelf recipes:

  1. Fruit, cream cheese. Mix cottage cheese with natural yoghurt, add the berries and the fruit, if you want to eat something sweet, the Breakfast allowed you to add the honey and sprinkle with nuts.
  2. Scrambled eggs with vegetables. For cooking, you need to whisk a single whole egg and two proteins with a small amount of milk. Pour it in the pan, and cover with a lid for a few minutes until cooked, sprinkle with chopped greens.
  3. Your chicken salad. Cooked chicken cut into pieces, chop the peppers, tomatoes, and hands to pick up a green salad. Season with olive oil or a sauce of yogurt and mustard.

A healthy lunch

menus for weight loss

Lunch should take place at about the same time, preferably in between 12 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, because at that time, the digestive system is most active. The right lunch, the calorie content should be around 35% of the daily value. The dinner is as follows:

  1. For lunch it is possible to start with the juice from vegetables, such as tomatoes or squash that you can substitute a regular tea.
  2. After a half an hour to eat a vegetable salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar that does not allow the food to be fresh. It also enhance the taste of your salad using the spices, lemon juice, mustard, yogurt, or a soy sauce – the main thing is to know in the course of the measure. Lettuce contains little calories, so you can eat a big part of it. The fibers will assist you to not only long enough but also to clean the intestines of toxins and stagnation.
  3. With a vegetable salad, it is strongly recommended to consume protein products: boiled meat, beef meat, chicken, fish. If the Breakfast consists of a protein, then lunch along with a serving carbs (buckwheat, or pasta durum).

A healthy dinner diet for weight loss

Meal at losing weight should be the lightest meal, but to refuse it is strictly prohibited. A healthy meal should consist of a mix of vegetables, herbs and salad leaves, served with boiled meat, beef, meat, or fish. Alternatively, in the gym, you can also add slices of tuna and drizzle with the olive oil.

If, after 9 o'CLOCK there was a feeling of hunger, it is permissible to drink a glass of buttermilk.

Food combining diet for weight loss menu on a Sunday

The division of power practically does not differ from a balanced diet, but it also has its own nuances. The separation of power lies in the choice of products, at a fraction of the food in the compliant group. This food is characterized by simplicity, ease of manufacture, the high quality of the dishes, as long as it is the active weight loss. This power denied by the combination of protein with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are allowed to be used in combination only with neutral products (fruits, vegetables).

A separate menu on a Sunday looks like the following:


Breakfast should be high in carbohydrates, so it is necessary to switch the cereal with the fruit. Lunch should include a protein and a neutral food, such as boiled chicken breast with a vegetable salad and without oil. For dinner perfectly cooked vegetables with pasta durum.


Breakfast: omelet with chopped greens, green tea. Lunch: vegetable soup with green peas. Dinner: fish and steamed vegetables.


Breakfast: oatmeal on the water of the pear. Lunch: chicken breast, baked with vegetables (tomato, pepper), mayonnaise is used instead of natural yogurt. Dinner: tuna salad and a green salad.


Breakfast: baked Apple with cottage cheese and cinnamon. Lunch: vegetable salad with slices of cooked beef. Dinner: steamed vegetables, through 1-1,5 hours to drink a glass of yogurt.


Breakfast: fruit salad, dressed with natural yogurt. Lunch: vegetable soup without a potato with a piece of boiled meat. Dinner: vegetables with the seafood.


Breakfast: a sandwich of biscuits and curds. Lunch: pasta with the vegetable mix. Dinner: vegetables with mushrooms, cooked in the oven.


To this day, you are able to make a post for that day you need to eat only vegetables and fruits.

If the menu item is compiled it yourself, you need to use a table, a separate power supply.

Some examples of a correct eating plan for weight loss on a Sunday

The proper diet for you to lose weight you can be on the basis of a particular view. The combination of carbohydrates with protein, the process of losing weight, it will be much longer. For proper nutrition, you can also use the menu for this Sunday:


Breakfast: an Apple baked with cinnamon, honey and walnuts.

Lunch: vegetable soup with low-fat sour cream, and Apple compote.

Afternoon snack: a handful of dried fruit.

Dinner: potatoes under the cheese, the crust, the vegetables, mix, and juice.


Breakfast: a sandwich of bread with a tablespoon of honey, pear, tea with lemon.

Lunch: vegetable soup, fruit salad, tea.

Afternoon snack: a glass of kefir or natural yoghurt, a banana.

Dinner: sliced chicken breast, sauteed in garlic butter, steamed vegetables, compote.


a healthy diet

Breakfast: omelet of two eggs, leafy vegetables, tomato juice.

Lunch: a salad mix, a cabbage, and peppers, a chicken broth with pieces of chicken.

Afternoon snack: fruit.

Dinner: seafood with mashed potatoes and tea.


Breakfast: oatmeal with milk and dried fruits, green tea.

Lunch: vegetable mix, steamed fish, tomato juice.

Afternoon snack: Cup of yogurt with berries.

Dinner: risotto with mushroom, carrot cabbage salad, the juice from the fruit.


Breakfast: cottage cheese with a spoonful of jam, a green tea.

Lunch: a slice of bread with fish, a steamed mix of vegetables, compote.

Afternoon snack: Apple, boiled egg.

Dinner: casserole of low-fat cheese, pieces of fruit, a few slices of cheese.


Breakfast: cereal with milk and fruit.

Lunch: a soup of cabbage, the chicken salad, on steamed vegetables, compote.

Afternoon snack: biscuits with the tea.

Dinner: millet porridge, vegetable salad, tomato juice.


Breakfast: a glass of milk, and pancakes with raspberry jam.

Lunch: vegetable mix soup with wild mushrooms and crackers, juice.

Afternoon snack: fruit, a casserole of cheese.

Dinner: vegetables with a baked fish, tomato juice.

Such a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins, respect the menu, you are able to get rid of excess weight, cleansing the body of toxins, and highly toxic substances, in order to speed up the metabolism.